AppSmile Review: Parachute Panic

Parachutists will jump from passing planes over a body of water with waiting boats. If a parachutist's chute does not open, you must tap on him to open the chute. The only other control you have over the descending stick figures is to swipe in any direction to create a wind gust that will alter his direction, hopefully toward the safety of a boat. Miss the boat and a shark will likely snap you up like a jumbo shrimp. Be on the look out for rogue thunder clouds, which will zap one of your parachutists with a lightning bolt. Helicopters and ufos also cost you a life if you have a close encounter. Tap 5 times on either aircraft to destroy it and protect your plummeting buddies. Destroying these deathtraps will earn you a "one-person bonus," as does pulling a chute at the last possible moment (resulting in a risk reward of one additional tally mark). Rack up as many safe landings and bonuses as possible before losing 5 people.

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