E3: Motion Controller Magic

Nintendo may have started a revolution, but now it seems to be falling behind the competition. Microsoft and Sony revealed the next generation of motion control, and there's little that Nintendo can do to fend them off.

Many things are different this year at E3. For one, there are at least 35,000 more attendees than there were last year. Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony decided (for the most part) to drop the annual install base and attach rate war in favor of simply showing off games. And all three companies are making new waves with motion-sensing technology.

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Gamertags3425d ago

Nintendo is falling behind! Their sales are declining and the games for the Wii....well, another sad story!

What is in the works from MS and Sony is a full generation ahead of the Wii and even the motion plus (or whatever it is called). As soon as Sony and MS introduce these revolutions, gaming will be changed forever!

Both MS's and Sony's devices are off the hook! Simply OFF THE HOOK! Since I own both I will buy both! I will not buy the motion add on for the Wii. Let it collection dust!

The adult has spoken!

Kakkoii3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Well the thing about Microsoft's Natal system, is that the camera actually has it's own dedicated processor, so if MS wanted, they could put a bright ball on a stick like Sony did, and do the exact same type of Demo, well actually, an even better demo, because Natal can track distance, not just judge distance by image color and gyroscope. So Sony isn't really bringing anything amazing to the table, it's basically MotionPlus combined with Eye-Toy.

I'm excited to see where Natal goes though, makes me wish I owned a 360. Perhaps when I'm done getting my degree in 3D modeling & animation, but that's 2 years away.. The next Xbox will probably be out by then haha.