E3 '09 Videos Day Two

GrE writes, "As promised, we're continuing our coverage of all the videos you DON'T want to miss out on from E3 '09. Day two had many great videos from Nintendo and Sony, stay tuned as this list will be updated throughout the day as more videos become available to us. Enjoy!"

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Neco5123423d ago

More awesome videos from E3

CrAppleton3423d ago

Amazing vids.. GT5 is gonna be sweet!

FamilyGuy3422d ago

Did M$ show everything on day 1 or what? Why is there only new news of things sony and nintendo?

supercharger51503423d ago

New Super Mario is going to be super badass

CrAppleton3423d ago

LOVED NSMB on DS.. I wonder if it's going to have all the same upgrades.. plus new ones of course

bgrundman3423d ago

I think it is going to be awful gimmicky on the wii, but that is just me.

supercharger51503423d ago

I think that for people who don't have the PS3, Dante's Inferno will be a good stand in for GOW. Hopefully even better.

CrAppleton3423d ago

Wow.. better? IDK about that.. a good stand in simply because there is no GOW? Probably

FamilyGuy3422d ago

Wait what? I thought that was a Psp game...

Dragons age?
No, thats like an mmo or something.
That Castelvania game should be a good substitute for those of you non-Ps3 having folks.

xabmol3422d ago

Your stupidity is glowing...

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DaRockSays3423d ago

YAY E3! in reply to your yay I yay as well

DaRockSays3423d ago

Wha bout metroid m!? coo sht there

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