The Last Guardian : first pics

After years of absence, the Team Ico comes in a large-scale production with The Last Guardian on Playstation 3, which is illustrated here through a few visual aids. This adventure game features an young boy and a giant eagle with four legs that are related to friendship in a world in distress. Few details about the gameplay were filtered but our two heroes to the relationship fusional promise great emotion.

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gamesmaster3425d ago

i'm very excited about this game, teamICO wont disappoint.

Fishy Fingers3425d ago

Just screen grabs from the trailer :(

"First pics" my ass.

Pennywise3425d ago

Sounds like this game is coming before Christmas! Good news.

Kain813425d ago

oh man this holiday i will be Bankrupt, cause too many games.
The last Guardian looks amazing, and every game from Ueda was Immersiv.
I cant wait for this Masterpiece.
I hope there next project is SotC 2.

Pennywise3425d ago

I read in an interview that he would have guessed by Christmas, but we will be playing it "sooner than later".

TheHater3425d ago

If this game comes out this Xmas and I have to choose between every other games. Well let just say this game will be my number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,.....over 9000 choice :)

Szarky3425d ago

"I hope there next project is SotC 2."

I actually think TLG will have a mix of SOTC and ICO. It will hopefully be a nice blend. One thing Team Ico knows how to do is scale. Whether it be bosses or buildings, they do an amazing job of making you feel so small.

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Aclay3425d ago

Since the trailer was FINALLY publically unveiled, I have a good feeling that TeamICO will be at the Tokyo Game Show, and I can't wait to find out more out this game. Both ICO and SoTC are amazing classics in my colletion, and I have faith in them to deliver yet another groundbreaking game.

I have no idea what this game is about, but judging from the trailer, it seems like it'll be combining elements from both ICO and SoTC. I think you'll probably have to free that creature from that giant chain and then navigate him through the game world (similar to ICO) in combination with elements from SoTC (riding on the creature).