Edge Impressions: Project Natal - Ricochet

Edge: If there was something that kept our heart from leaping during Microsoft's admittedly impressive (lifestyle video aside) onstage unveiling of Project Natal, it was our last experience with a camera-enabled Microsoft game, the limp You're In The Movies.

We mention our fears during our chat with Microsoft's Don Mattrick, and he promises that the system isn't too good to be true before literally pulling us into a nearby meeting room to take part in a few games of Project Natal's Ricochet prototype with the project's creative director, Kudo Tsunoda.

On walking into the room, it's immediately obvious that the system picks up Tsunoda's body movements accurately with its stock but even lighting. And, challenged by Mattrick, Tsunoda dims the lights to the level of a dark but not pitch-black room, and returns to playing Ricochet with no drop in precision.

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Chicken Chaser3517d ago

"Natal is for real? The answer to that is, definitively, yes."

El Padre3517d ago

Don't worry, trolls will spin it.

green3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

"There will still be games that use the controller, games that use only Natal, and games that use a COMBINATION."Don Mattrick, senior VP of Microsoft's interactive entertainment business:

Best news about Natal so far.Now i can really get excited because my fear was that Natal might not work with a 360 controller at all.Now imagine squad based tactical shooter where you use your controller to move forward,backward and to shoot,but Natal's work will be in you physically moving your controller to aim,use hand signals and voice to order your troops around and also to lob grenades etc.Possibilities with Natal are endless.

really duh3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

You can't blame them we all did the same thing before the Wii launched even though the pessimistic criticism is based on hate, fear of revolution, mass appeal and envy this time.

Silellak3517d ago

This is what impressed me most:

"On walking into the room, it’s immediately obvious that the system picks up Tsunoda’s body movements accurately with its stock but even lighting. And, challenged by Mattrick, Tsunoda dims the lights to the level of a dark but not pitch-black room, and returns to playing Ricochet with no drop in precision.

A topic only touched upon during Microsoft’s press briefing, Tsunoda explains that this was possible due to the way in which Project Natal analyses your body to create your “skeleton” which it can then accurately follow, even if your arm or leg moves out of the camera’s view. The software can predict the placement of the limb based on the positioning of the rest of the skeleton."

If the slight delay can be worked out, that would be golden.

Still, I wonder if Microsoft and Sony are too late to the show to make any difference:

3517d ago
DelbertGrady3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Edge are teh 360 biasedest!

@xBot Lemmings - Actually, one of Kojimas unannounced projects is rumored to go by the codename Rapelay Natal. Otacon & The End are said to play big parts in the story.

johnnywit3517d ago

I want it for my kid. She is 3 and I think she would have a blast with the game splat. She sees me playing games and she wants to play so bad but all she'll do is move the camera around in circles(portal) or run off the edge of a cliff.(braid) She gets pretty upset that she can't do everything I can. Natal is a definite welcome by me as long as MS doesn't forget about the hardcore games.

Jdoki3517d ago

@Green 1.2

You just gave one of the most compelling reasons for Natal to exist.

rockleex3517d ago

Quote from the article: "Moreover, once we manage to get it bouncing around, our reactions tend to lag a split second after the ball’s out of our reach."


SuperM3517d ago

Natal is really just an evolvement of the eyetoy. It is very impressive tech, but alot of the stuff they are showing with natal has already been done with PS eye. I think Natal can be a huge success in the casual crowd, but i definately think we get more core games with the PS3 motion control.

ShinMaster3517d ago

Natal is really nothing so new if you looked at my above post :P

xboxlj3516d ago

So your saying that the ps3 motion controller is better than Natal? IMO the ps3 motion control demo was not that great. I own a ps3 and a 360 but Natal was definitely more impressive. The PS3 motion control demo appeared like something that would be released on the wii.

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really duh 23517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Project Natal will completely destroy Sony & the Ps3rd.

Microsoft will lead the gaming industry into the next gen of gaming with Project Natal.

ShinMaster3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

It's nothing new. Here's an example of the tech:

Pay attention to 01:20

UnwanteDreamz3517d ago

LMAO Natal fanboys = latest slap in the face to the hardcore gamer

All this kid can talk about is natal. He must not have any games to play. I checked out those vids that were supposed to show me all the neat things this could do and guess what no live demo. No games = no win my funny little friend.

rupi3517d ago

wow, i was worried that natal wouldn't be accurate but there is now lots of confirmation that it is extremely accurate. the possibilities are endless. its gonna be so awesome!!

3517d ago
mrv3213517d ago

Tony Hawk is making a game which is a tad in competition with Natal he'd hardly say.

Natal is awsome and my board suck.

I just want to see it being used in combination.

rupi3517d ago

how is natal a copy of an eyetoy in any way? eyetoy was a webcam and nothing more. natal is so much more! where is the improved version of facial recognition, the improved version of voice recognition which 'originated' from the eyetoy?

Gun_Senshi3517d ago

i wonder how my comment was deleted when i quoted what tony hawk said from an arctile on this site.

SuperM3517d ago

This is the Natal love thread, you are not allowed to post anything negative or anything implying Natal not being the best thing to ever grace gaming.

Now fall in line rookie.

jerethdagryphon3517d ago

i agree, the idea of such games for eyetoy/natal can be very usefull
not just for small kids but special needs as well, i have successefully distracted a downs person, (by there carers request) for 30 minites so she could get is dinne ready, but putting on kinetic combat and letting him interact on screen with himself and flying blobs.

an impressive evolution of optic control technolagy

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Gun_Senshi3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

lol some person here made a new account with same name using 2 in his name and posted with both accounts in same thread (One in Gamer Zone and one here)

really duh 23517d ago

and you nasim are on your 1000000th account.

Gun_Senshi3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

lol call everyone is not in favour of your trolling bandwagon nasim lol

really duh 23517d ago

Well then nasim prepare for another bubble to be taken from you. -bubble

Gun_Senshi3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Falalala you're out of bubbles, unless you come answer with your other acccount

ultimolu3517d ago

My guess is that Really Duh 2 was banned from the Gamerzone so he's using Really Duh to post in the Gamerzone. :)

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