Konami to Bring Super Contra to Xbox Live Arcade

The latest update to the ESRB listings has revealed that Konami plans to bring Super Contra to Xbox Live Arcade. The sequel to Contra features a combination of side scrolling/platform and top down view. It is unknown if Konami plans to release the original arcade version or the NES port.

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DG4307d ago

I would be excited if I didnt have all the contras on my emulator.

Covenant4307d ago

Definitely worth buying.

likeaboss3024306d ago

The arcade version coming to Live Arcade. Which is fine because it looks 10x better then the NES version.

eques judicii4306d ago

good old super C.... played the hell out of this one as a kid

TheSadTruth4306d ago

has Konami made any better games than Castlevania: SotN that could be put on XBLA or is that as good as it gets?

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