Sony's Koller Talks Motion Control Rivalry, Core Versus Casual

When assessing the head to head between Microsoft and Sony's E3 briefings this year, there may be something of a role reversal visible.

Whereas Sony once stressed the PlayStation 3's potential as a multimedia device, this year it gave a very software-focused, core-targeted presentation, while it was Microsoft talking more about the "future of home entertainment" than it has in years past.

Even some analysts seemed to think that Sony's gesture recognition scheme debut was more 'gamer-oriented,' while director Stephen Spielberg's comments about accessibility and broader audiences led attendees and industry-watchers to peg Microsoft's Project Natal as having more relevant implications for wider or more casual audiences.

But Sony director of hardware marketing John Koller says that although capturing the core audience is certainly a goal, there was no deliberate attempt to refocus on prioritizing that market, and that Sony, too, remains interested in being "expansionary."

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Jamie Foxx3514d ago

software wise sonys a winner right now

jack_burt0n3514d ago

lol z axis is pretty important, most impotant tho for getting to market is sony can use 3rd party ports from nintendo to make sure there is software support.

3514d ago
Milky Joe3514d ago

You see that, very civilised. The only bad word he had to say about Microsoft was that they may struggle to have complex shooter games due to the lack of buttons and that Natal seems to have difficulty registering z-axis movements. Apart from that, he had nothing bad to say and certainly wasn't slating them.

If that was Mr Greenburg talking, I expect there would've been a bit more bile involved.

ultimolu3514d ago

Yeah, the never ending flapping of gums.

Good interview coming from Sony, I agree.

ChozenWoan3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

Well you have to remember, Sony is not new to MoCap using Cam technology. They have over 3-4 years of time and research invested with the eyetoy. They where planing to show this next year when they had all of their ducks in a row, but MS forced their hand.

The sad thing is, Sony's demo was thrown together, yet it left just as strong as an impression as MS's well polished commercials.

Ohh and proof that this is coming sooner than later