Sony: E3 Not Proper Venue To Announce Any PS3 Price Drop

Despite expectations that Sony would lower the price of the PS3 at E3, the company announced no price drop at the big show. Kotaku asked why.

"From our perspective, this show is all about content," Sony's head of PlayStation marketing in the U.S., Peter Dille, told Kotaku in an interview yesterday. "We believe that our content story is unrivaled. It's really a relentless line-up of great exclusive games that will speak volumes to the value inherent in the PS3. Obviously people come to E3 expecting all sorts of announces. We've got a plan in place for the platform. A price drop at the show wasn't part of it."

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gamesmaster3423d ago

looking forward to TGS and Cologne.

Monchichi0253423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Not a proper venue??? Didn't they announce pricedrops here before? I'm thinking it was just bad choice of words.

Looking forward to one before the holiday season like MS did last year to spike sales.

darthv723423d ago

Maybe they didn't have their slim fully developed to really say. I am betting it will be TGS that the slim will be revealed along with a new price.

MS has been working on a slim 360 (rumored) so they might want to try and upstage sony on their home turf.

TGS here we come!!!

xaviertooth3423d ago

a think he is talking about just E309 and not E3 per se... and i agree, with all the contents they've showed, i guess there should be another time/place for that announcement.

price drop announcement @E309 would have been nice though.

raztad3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

Not price drop before to release FFXIII in japan. You heard it here first.

I wish Sony make a price cut but in GAMES. 45$ would be sweet.

FamilyGuy3422d ago

I didn't expect one here but around October i think is a good time. With their game line-up speaking for them they really don't have to drop the price at all this year.

evrfighter3422d ago

In other words...

"We can't afford a price drop at the moment"

No problems with that. If you can't afford it, you can't afford it. No one should bust their chops for that. But to start beating around the bush or straight up lie just makes them look like M$.

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peedie163423d ago

TGS would be a perfect place for a price drop

ultimolu3423d ago

They'll drop it soon. I know plenty of people who want a PS3.

darthv723423d ago

If ms was to announce a slim 360 at the same time as sony, would you pick one up? You been sayin..........

raztad3422d ago

How MS could even dream making a slim, if they have failed keeping their current console working reliably?. A slim version implies better ventilation system to avoid RROD. I highly doubt that.

FamilyGuy3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

I don't expect a slim of either product ANY time soon. It's amazing how small the 360 is now considering it, and the PS3, are pretty much computers.

What could they shrink?
If the processor was able to be cooler they could shrink the fans
If the ps3 didn't use so much power they could shrink the internal power block or just remove it from being internal like the 360s.
They could also shrink Both console slightly by using flash memory instead of HDDs. But what's SD card up to now, 64Gbs? A slim could do ok with that. Plus it would be cooler from that to and allow for the smaller fans mentioned a second ago.

other than those things they'd have to strip features to shrink either device. They'd have to do all the things suggested to slim them down and make it worth it though.

ultimolu3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

Games are going multiplatform and I'm not interested anymore.

air13422d ago

sup ulti ;)

how am i you ask? sad, you still have me on ignore :(

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witchking3423d ago

If it's not the proper time to drop the price, then it's not the proper time to buy your console.

Danja3423d ago

Considering that they will more than likely cut the price this october it would be dumb of them to announce a price cut in June , that would only prevent people from buying the PS3 up until then.....

GiantEnemyCrab3423d ago

""From our perspective, this show is all about content,"

That didn't stop you from spending 1/3 of your show talking about the PSP Go.

Not really buying this reason but I don't know why they would be coy about it.

Danja3423d ago

and look how many games were announced along side the PSP GO ???

E3 was really about content for Sony.

Plus they more than likely saved some stuff for TGS

TheHater3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Do you know how retarded you comment is? They talk about the PSP Go and showed several games along side it. If this is your sad attempt to hide trolling then try to do better next time.
So you telling us that they shouldn't have talking about the PSP Go because it is relevant to the contents they showed at their press conference. The PSP Go is coming out this August and why shouldn't they talking about it at E3 consider August is less than 2 months away.

raztad3422d ago

Wow. Crab comment was pure craP.

Sony took its sweet time with the PSP Go, Im glad they did it. A beautiful new system, with a load of amazing games. Too bad it was spoiled by previous leaks, but anyway, Sony is a company pushing three fricking consoles, and doing pretty good all across the board.

The time will come for a price cut. MS loyalist shouldnt be in such a hurry (I'm sure MS isnt), things wont look good for the 360 after that.

cyberwaffles3422d ago

there's a thing called priorities giantenemycrab, obviously the pspGo was the bigger one at the moment.

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