Kojima's Castlevania, A Slap In The Face To Igarashi

Raymond Padilla Writes:

As TheFeed's Brian Leahy noted in his excellent coverage of the Konami press conference, Kojima Productions is working on Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Lots of people are thrilled that Kojima Productions has been tasked by Konami to make a new Castlevania game.

I'm not one of those of people. Initially, the news pissed me off. Later that day, it made me sad. To me, it's a slap in the face toKoji Igarashi (a.k.a. IGA), longtime producer and director of the series.

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The gaming GOD3428d ago

When I heard Kojima was doing the next castlevania, the first thing I said to myself was "what about Igarashi?".

Castlevania is Igarashi's work just the way Metal Gear is Kojima's work.

It's not fair to Igarashi to just take his creation away like that. Not to mention he has NEVER been given a huge budget to make his games. And you can be damn sure Kojima is gonna get at least doubt the budget that Igrashi ever would have.

I'm not knocking Kojima, but this is clearly disrespect. But that's just my opinion

hatchimatchi3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

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i welcome the change.

The gaming GOD3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

Was FORCED onto him. He didn't want to make that game. Konami's board made him work on that game for the sake of "capitalizing" on the Wii's install base.

Not many developers make a good game when they're pushed like that.

On a side note though, play games. NOT review scores.

reonkaze3428d ago

Personally i would prefer a castlevania in IGA's image. Kojima is a master in making action games, everyone knows this, but castlevania just isn't castlevania without the soul, namely iga and hes crew--to be precise the art and music director, along with IGA. The fact that castlevania is not even gonna follow the storyline of the originals urks me alittle. I have no problem kojima working on a castlevania, heck kojima would improve the graphics and gameplay of the game to new heights, but at the very least IGA and hes crew should have been working together rather than mercurysteam. I have no doubt this game is gonna rock, but to me the atmosphere that made castlevania magical is gone without iga. Hopefully the next iteration will pin iga and kojima working together.

STK0263428d ago

I never played a Catlevania game (really not my kind of games), however, from what I read and was told by friends, the 3D games were not really memorables and Catslevania was at it's best in 2D, even today. Maybe Konami wants this one to be in 3D and believes that giving it to someone else and rebooting the series will finally make it happen, a great 3D castlevania title. (Is it even going to be in 3D, didn't watch the trailer, sorry)

blind-reaper3427d ago


oooh... that sounds familiar! lol Konami at its worst!

I hope Kojima makes a good work.

FamilyGuy3427d ago

Only it's 2D iteration have do it for me and only from SOTN starting point. The GBA games were good, the psp games was not, the PS2 games feel short.

3D wise, Devil May Cry 1 gave me what i wanted more than the actual 3D castlevania games released on the PS2.

solidt123427d ago

The game is in good hands, but maybe they should bring Igarashi in to work on it too unless he is ok with this. I wonder whats his take on this. I now one thing though, this game is going to be incredibly. Day one purchase.

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PirateThom3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

To me it's not even a Castlevania game. Konami picked up the rights to publish Lords of Shadow and are sticking the Castlevania and Kojima name on it to increase sales.

This isn't even being developed by Kojima Productions fully, it's MercurySteam, famous for Cliver Barker's Jericho. Kojima Production's input into this game remains to be seen.

Konami are just slapping a well known developer and a well known brand onto a game no one would care about otherwise. "Oh, here's Hideo Kojima's Castlevania... never mind that the game was already far into development before either was brought on board, it's a cannonical Castlevania sequel with Hideo Kojima."

The gaming GOD3428d ago

Then that's sorta disrespectful to Igarashi AND Kojima. Because as I said, you took the game away from Igarashi. And if this game is just having Kojima's name slapped on it without him working on it that could tarnish is image a little if the game turns out bad

PirateThom3428d ago

I'd like to know Kojima Productions involvement first before calling them on it. It just seems Konami are far too happy to take a game they acquired the publishing rights for and present it as something it's not.

Dipso3428d ago

Thank you PirateThom, you just raised every single point I had running through my mind. This game was not a Castlevania title last year and in reality it will never be. I love how everyone is so blase about this news but at this stage of the franchise Iga is Castlevania.

I'm still puzzled about the Castlevania teaser we saw last year, the one with Alucard, I have a small glimmer of hope its a HD 2D Metroidvania title for PSN/Live produced by the man himself..but that's looking doubtful.

Drano3427d ago

Thank you for making me realise a lot of things. Gaming is changing! I don't like it one bit! (I'm talking from a business point of view as well as the games themselves).

And I think that Hideo Kojima knows that already but hey... don't Konami... you know... own that guy?

And now for the "My Opinion" part (don't be afraid to skip it, come on, try it : I dare you) :

If that can mean the revival of Castlevania on home consoles then I'm all for it anyway. If the developpers can develop some kind of "pressure" due to the fact that they better not be sh*tt*ng with the name slapped onto their games so they do a good job... Why not? This works both ways.

Ever since Castlevania : Lament of Innocence, I lost faith. Curse of Darkness was lacking in many ways, it was inferior to LOI in many ways.

Well, that's about it. Don't [email protected] things up here Kojima : WE ARE WATCHING!

Jump Beyond.

solidt123427d ago

I bet you Kojima would not just slap his name on something. He has a rep to keep. Trust me he will be involved and if the game is not up to par they will make the necessary changes to the game.

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rukia_chan3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

imo castlevania in 2d (ps1) is unique and one best games of hystory.

Montreafart3428d ago

Its unfortunate that the series never retained the atmosphere, charisma or level that SOTN had.

And its also unfortunate that SOTN didnt sell that way. Not only is it the best in the series, its also one of the best games.

Truly a classic.

Etseix3427d ago

lamment of innocense and curse of darkness were mostly a hack n slash (kinda) game, Iga forgot to add some platforms on them, and they were mostly the same :
*enter a room kill monsters so u can pass to room B, enter room B kill mosters so u can pass to room C.. .etc etc...*

only thing awsome were sound n characters's design
thats onbiusly in all Castelvanias :P

MajesticBeast3428d ago

Konami has 3 succesfull ips left Metal gear,Castlevania and pes and maybe contra the rest is shovelware so now they use Kojima his name for rising and castlevania to get people intrested in risng and shadows pretty pathetic.

solidt123427d ago

DDR is not my cup of tea but it is popular.

3sq3428d ago

I rather want Mystical Ninja Goemon in HD.

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