Schizophrenic man kills, says GTA told him to do it

Ezekiel Maxwell, a 17-year-old paranoid schizophrenic on "skunk cannabis," stabbed a woman to death because the "gangster voices" from Grand Theft Auto told him to do it. Although this incident is just being reported now as part of Britain's supposed "skunk cannabis" epidemic, the murder actually occurred last September.

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ItsDubC4276d ago

I would attribute his murderous behavior to his mental instability rather than cannabis (which, as far as I'm concerned, would have the opposite effect). I can imagine that someone who suffers from a mental condition will be more easily influenced by outside factors including but not limited to videogames. Games like GTA will not compel most ppl to go out and kill someone but the issue is so controversial that the press'll jump on news like this in a heartbeat.

fenderputty4276d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

and I play violent video games without ever wanting to kill. You're right though. Unless someone is already metally ill, no amount of violent video games in conjunction with "ganja" will start killing sprees. It's sad the media uses this persons death to fight some random political agenda. One step closer to goverments telling us how and when to wipe our asses.

The English take their drinking and soccer seriously. Booze + Hooligans = a lot more danger then Ganja + Videogamers.

FordGTGuy4276d ago

A dog told him to kill people why don't we ban dogs?

SRuN44276d ago

how come it seems these stories seem to only come up when a new GTA is coming out or already has?

jaydesi4275d ago

..this crackhead has what to do with gaming!?

Black Republican4275d ago

man oh man

I can't believe, this crap. Even though it has happened before, ppl blaming video games etc.

How about movies, do they have violence and drugs???
How about shows, do they have violence and drugs???
How about cartoons, do they have violence and drugs???

and "video games/consoles" came much later then these types of movies/shows etc.

games are a virtual recreation of real life and ideas (most of the time exaggerated) from the real world that let the people play them.
the same ppl who blame video games, should be the same ppl saying our whole society is *ucked up.

FeralPhoenix4275d ago

What are you smoking, what violent game are playing, and who do you plan on killing? -oh, I almost forgot, whats you mental illness....WTF?, you don't have one.....well you better randomly make up something to go along with all your other excuses, -its more believable that way!

Black Republican4275d ago

you did not understand anything i typed.

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The story is too old to be commented.