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Maticus3425d ago

Beautiful, that's all I have to say.

Leord3425d ago

Well, the difference between the old cat and the new is not as great as for the difference between the Tauren cats, but still. It's pretty darn good looking cats.

Rovdjuret3425d ago

kicks the s**t outa the old ones :)
they are getting kinda old :)

Leord3425d ago

You're a druid, right? :)


Well, I suppose the fact that you then can change the fur colour by changing hair colour is nice as well. More variation :)

BRG90003425d ago

I agree, this model isn't as striking a difference as the Tauren cats from the old model. Nor is there as much variety in the different color schemes.

That said, it does look great.

SCFreelancer3425d ago

Are all the beast forms getting a make-over?

Leord3425d ago

Well, can't see the need to the water form to have a changeover, but the DPS and tank forms are getting a well needed touch-up :)

KruLLit3425d ago

haha, the waterform is so epic :D

BRG90003425d ago

I hope they don't change aquatic form. Tapeworm form ftw!

sh8kes3425d ago

i didnt think there was anything wrong with the forms before.. jus that the horde one looked so much more cooler

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The story is too old to be commented.