Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Annotated Trailer

OfficialNintendoMagazine: You've probably already seen the trailer for Super Mario Galaxy 2 and fallen in love with it, but you may not have noticed some of the tiny details.

We've pored over every frame of the video to try and squeeze out as many gameplay details as possible, and have decided to use YouTube's annotation feature to point them all out to you.

Since the trailer's packed with quick shots the annotations come thick and fast, so you may have to pause at times to keep up.

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ChickeyCantor3427d ago

Instead of saying : Grass(or just the furr shader) shader he says a planet shaped as marios head xD.

But whatever, to bad its still working with smaller platforms and not extreme huge ones...or im wrong on that. Would nicer to have more of the n64 like levels.

Also looks like to be more mario like with all the enemies...and yoshi.