Can Raiden Make the Same Impact?

Koku Gamer writes: "So a fresh start on a new console brings a new direction for Metal Gear. Those familiar with Metal Gear will know that Cyborg Ninjas always make an appearance; the difference is this time you are controlling one in Raiden. This changes the mechanics of Metal Gear dramatically. Raiden was a character who wasn't really given a fair break in MGS2. This is his chance to shine."

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Cinotix3427d ago

I think if done right they can certainly have Raiden make the same impact.

s8anicslayer3427d ago

Sure he can, as long as he's not running naked through any tunnels!

bullswar3427d ago

Raiden is the next face ... cuz everyone knows Old Pa is too old for future MGS games.

Raiden saved Solids ass in MGS5 and I knew it ... this guy is gonna be the face from now on.

Raiden and Vampire fight was epic ... and now I'll be controllin it. Things cant get better then this.

darthv723427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

Can be tricky to succeed. I know that in tv, spin offs rarely do as well as the original series (the ropers, joey, rhoda, gomer pyle, etc) but there are a few that can stand toe to toe and even surpass in popularity (melrose place, frasier). I know that analogy may suck but you see my point. It really depends on the talent creating the spin off.

There have been some good spin off games here and there. I personally like the ones in the half life series (blue shift, opposing force). Why can't this raiden project be a popular game in its own right? No need to degrade what you don't know.

Wait till there is more information to pass judgment.

Ziriux3427d ago

I think you're right, jumping ahead is non sense. I'm sure it'll be a action game though, maybe some stealth since he is a Ninja after all.

Rofflecopter3427d ago

Nope. I really just don't think this is going to work as well. With a new character it's possible, just not with Raiden. It's not longer stealth or espionage, its Tenchu. I'll stick with playing through the previous games in the series until MGS5 comes out or a new Metal Gear with gameplay similar to the previous games comes along.

I love video games3427d ago

i think this game could be baddass, like tenchu and metal gear had some sweet reverse cowgirl sex and the condom broke and metal gears dad was like get an abortion but they didnt have the money so tenchu had the baby and it came out of tenchu's vag, they were hoping for snake but the got raiden... that went on long i should shut up. yea but the game could be sweet

FamilyGuy3427d ago

No, it'll be a different impact. Something like this should be compared to "making the same impact" as Dante did with the first Devil May Cry.

This action adventure game should be the start of something new that's great in it's own right. I wonder if the story will hold a candle to kojima work though? In action games story is hardly ever focused on or even important to most players.

Natsu893427d ago

"MGS:Rising is not made by Hideo Kojima. He is not involved in “any way” in the development of the game.
It will basically be an action/stealth spin off set in the universe of MGS, not a continuation of the MGS4’s story/design/cinematic prowess, needless to say it will not have the same impact as a true MGS game and will probably leave many Xbox fans scratching their heads in confusion.
I have no doubt it will be a good, even great game, but a “MGS” game ? no"

Thats a comment on the source page and totaly true. But nevermind i will get MGS rising for my ps3 no matter what! And peace walker for my psp!

gintoki7773427d ago

sure i can picture the spoiled 5 year olds thinking raiden is the coolest thing ever

rockleex3427d ago


No cyborgs OR ninjas in MGS3. None in the original SNES and MSX ones either.

Elimin83427d ago

But i'll give him a fighting chance.....

ThanatosDMC3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

But the biggest problem is Kojima's crazy mind wont be pushing the game.

Meh, it'd be more interesting to see things from Liquid's perspective before the Alaska incident/coup with Rex.

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WengYong3427d ago

I think he really can make an impact. Its now or never for Raiden

Ziriux3427d ago

He can and I think he will, we all loved what he did in MGS4. I think many people have become emotionally attached to him.

CroTech223427d ago

It's Raiden, if anything in MGS4 he showed us how awesome he is.

Reibooi3427d ago

Well I think that Raiden is no longer the Sissy everyone hated back in the days of MGS2 and that after MGS4 everyone really kinda likes him so a game staring him may actually do pretty well. It really depends on how they do it.

Is the game gonna still be a stealth game or is it gonna be much more action focused like we saw Raiden in MGS4. Time will tell I guess.

Ziriux3427d ago

Hey definitely earned respect from MGS4, and he was always cool, but Snakes presence makes everyone a wimp around him.

Icemael3427d ago

I really hope this'll be a DMC-style action game - I'm not a big fan of the MGS formula.

Ziriux3427d ago

Do you really want it to be like DMC. If it is I hope it's like the first and second DMC.

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