Death of Dinosaurs Gives Hope for Future of Fan-boys

Benjamin Quintero: "I suppose this post is more of a question than a comment, but here it goes. Why won't gamers drop the fan-boyism?
Despite my obvious loyal attempts to support Nintendo over the years (as detailed in my previous post about Nintendo), I always knew that they had certain strengths and weaknesses with each generation of consoles. Even back in the old SNES days kids would overhear me saying something about a Nintendo game and chime in with how slow the processor was and how Sega Genesis was the only true sports-lovers console because of it's massive 8MHz of raw awesome power.

My only question was, "cool, but can you play Zelda on it?". It was the software, after all, that drew me to the Nintendo brand in the beginning not the number of pixels it could push or the raw FLOPs it could generate, if any at that time =).

Even in the most civil of forum conversations there comes a point where the conversation starts to boil down to consoles, despite statements from developers saying that all platforms are being developed together. Not long after, someone will scream out (in all caps of course) how much better PS3 will be than the 360, or how Nintendo is laughing to the bank because they are somehow more genious than the other two multi-billion dollar corporations."

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Spike473426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

And sales, don't really reflect much, taking into account that a gimmick like the Wii is outselling both the PS3 and xbox360 by much.

It boils down to, "shut up and play the games." Sooner or later the tables will turn, and then they will turn again. I have chose to stick with Sony's console simply because the lineup is strong, and the reliability even stronger.

DevastationEve3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

don't do it man...don't go head first into a suicide mission like that!

the jihadist fanboys will go tremor brothers crazy on you.

(they're SOOO menacing! AHHHHHHHHHHH!)

edit, i removed ps3 fanboys. it's on both sides honestly.

D4RkNIKON3426d ago

Haha, games indeed. and the PS3 has the line up. With the amount of multi-platform games that MS promoted at their conference simply made me smile. Anything that MS showed that looked interesting to me, I will be playing on my PS3. Sony brought the games to E3 this year, and as a gamer, that is what sold me.

Sayai jin3426d ago

Why oh why is that necessary. Did you read the article mate? I see that you prefer the 360 and that's great. Each console has displayed it's strengths and weaknesses. If the 360 is good it is due to the competition from Sony and Ninty. The same goes for the PS3 and Wii. The competition this gen is creating a gaming atmosphere that is unprecedented to date.

On topic, prefer what console you like the best, but each console is here to stay and they all have really good games, simple. Sure people will prefer one console over the other and that's normal and fine, but when you have to bash or degrade the system or the gamers that support said system, then that's where the line is crossed. I think it boils down to maturity most of the time.

D4RkNIKON3426d ago

ApocalyPS3 - Didn't you just love that movie? It is one of my favorites. Great plug in for Smokin Aces man.

DevastationEve3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

that movie was BADASS!!!!!!

my favorite OF ALL TIME! hails yeah!

(isn't funny how chainsaw dude looks like he's being directed BY the chainsaw? like it's choosing its victim and dude says "yeah! HE'S next!")

D4RkNIKON3426d ago

"I think it boils down to maturity most of the time." True, they should change the title to "fanchild" because most fanboy comments are immature and childish. There is a difference between posting an opinionated comment, and posting flamewar fueling hate.

Sayai jin3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

@D4RkNIKON - Agreed. Unfortunately there are childish people even at my old age of 34. Hey do not get me wrong if MS, Sony, or Ninty are paying these guys then.....It is rare to have a decent dialogue on N4G. People are not going to always agree with other people's opinion, but if the opinion is not delusional by all means; then let them have them. Counter the comment with factual info and without be degrading or childish then N4G would improve a lot. This is what the gamer zone is suppose to be like.

Simple, gamers need to be gamers...and what do gamers due...Game!

Game on...

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Skynetone3426d ago

As if a nintendo Fan-Boy has any respect {are they even human}

bjornbear3425d ago

As people that don't give a damn and just play videogames to their enjoyment....thats my take