Game PR 101

This is the first of a 3-part series on PR for games.

Luis Levy @ Gamasutra: "In this first post, we'll address the basics of PR for games. While social media and other technologies (like streaming video) have somewhat changed PR, the basics still apply. Despite the hype, Twitter will not save a failing launch. Neither will Facebook. Like everything in life, promoting a game requires a clear strategy and first-rate execution.

Strategy. The chosen PR firm must help developers pick the activities that best address their needs. A company about to start licensing technology will have different requirements than another launching a Nintendo DSi title, for example. Picking the right programs and targets is essential to keep PR costs low while maximizing coverage.

Execution. The team responsible for generating coverage must be adept at PR for games – ideally, each team member would be a gamer themselves. Highly-trained individuals and bullet-proof work ethics are also essential for a successful program."

Basic Activities

a) Pre-launch
b) First-looks and previews
c) Launch
d) Review program

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