Microsoft Xbox 360 Natal first play (Tech Radar)

Microsoft upped the stakes on Nintendo and Sony with their new Natal motion-sensing hands-free control system for the Xbox 360. Now T3's Rob Temple has had the chance to put the new gaming sensation through it's paces. Find out what he made of it.

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DS363425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Don't get me wrong NATAL does look interesting BUT look into the details.....
i see it tracks arms and legs hypothetically what about details like finger for some thing like trigger with that said do i have to waved my arms and leg all day... no thanks thats why i never got and eye toy, but then again i now have a reason to

TheMART3424d ago

Well you have the choice to use the normal controller if you want. It works both on it. You don't want a motioncam, you use the controller. You want to use motioncam, you leave your controller.

I would get both. I think putting my feet down on imaginary pedals to give gas or hit the brake must be fun.

Chicken Chaser3425d ago

"T3 can confirm Microsoft's Project Natal for the Xbox 360 has changed gaming for ever."


Pennywise3425d ago

MS ruining gaming one day at a time. Thanks.

If this crap is changing gaming forever, I will quit gaming. Pretty simple. I refuse to stand up and flail around to enjoy my hobby.

darthv723425d ago

Penny....does that go for the PS3 rendition as well?

Jinxstar3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

I like the pic at least. "You are the father"

Truth is this is not new tech(MS, Sony or Nintendo). All this casual stuff is just rehashes of older stuff. "Now with natal go golfing with a real golf club!!! ZOMG J!Z IN MA PANTS!" I am not looking forward to it. The future looks meek. At least we ALL have some real games to look forward too.

Pennywise3425d ago

Yeah, Darth... it goes for anything that prevents me from sitting on my couch and enjoying a game.

Jockamo3425d ago

why don't read a damn book instead

Sayai jin3425d ago

People always say they want innovation, but when new software or hardware (albeit Ninty, MS, or Sony who makes it) is introduced people start to complain. Gaming is changing. This tech will definitely not be for everyone, I am not so sure my self. I am pretty sure that games that are made for this type technology will not get rid of the classic controller play, but what they will do is give the gamer the option to use motion sensing or a controller.

Pennywise3425d ago

Jockamo - Only one more insightful remark allowed from you in this thread... what a shame.

Is this News for Readers? Did I miss something?

darthv723425d ago

Looking at the sony idea, I think it would be better if it were a pair of gloves instead of the balls on sticks. I don't know where I read it but I recall somewhere it being stated that you can only use two "stick-balls" with one camera.

Not that it would change anything for the number of units, wearing gloves with the mo-cap sensors on it would be more like the minority report effect. The natal idea is really cool and I could get used to having the 360 turn on when I want just by looking at it. flip a few screens on the NXE and just say what I want and have it do it (provided it really works to that effect).

Sony's approach is more movie like. Next thing, sony releases special leotards with lots of mo-cap balls on them for people to really get into their games. Now it would work better to release "you're in the movies" on the ps3 to take advantage of their idea.

3425d ago
Mike134nl3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

So far everybody who tried it has been remarkably positive of nadal, interesting.

Calling it the future of gaming and knowing Microsoft owns the needed patents, doesn't exactly comfort me.

Jinxstar3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

@ Sayai jin.


Here go look at the thread on N4G and click on the youtube vids that are over 5 years old and done on the PS2.

As for everything else like the girl talking abour dresses. Real time live demo or it didn't happen. It's vaoprware just like Microsoft Surface and just as useless...

I don't mean to pick on MS but all tis stuff is a joke. I WANT MORE HARDCORE. The whole idea of the 360 in the first place was to be for the hardcore now they are selling out AGAIN and this time to become more CASUAL. half there conference was on casual junk like painting... WTH

siren3425d ago

You do realize that Surface has already shipped and is in use at multiple retail locations.

The first was AT&T over a year ago

ShinMaster3424d ago

PS Eye already does the following:

Also, pay attention @01:20

ChozenWoan3424d ago

Wonder if Sony has ever done full body tracking?....

the future for Natal Gaming:

And old road already well known to Sony. lol

Sayai jin3424d ago

@Jinxstar - I realize that the PS2 had something similar and the technology has been around for a while. It has not worked very well so far, so if a company comes around and improves or perfects it, then great. I was speaking in general about changes in gaming.

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testerg353425d ago

Dang, its not like you have to use Natal.

eagle213425d ago

Simply: I ain't impressed. :)

really duh3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Yeah the eyepet blew my mind.


PS3 fan response on this level is good news for MSFT.

eagle213425d ago

Eye Pet is amazing and only xbox fans can't see it. But deep down you do. The natal video in the link looks silly and cheap. :)

lonz3583425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

How could you say Microsoft is ruining gaming forever? No it's fan boys like you that's ruining gaming, if you don't like it then don't use it.

I don't like the PS3 price so I won't buy it but I'm not gonna call it crap and say Sony is ruining gaming.

Edit: Really the only people that won't like this are people that's too lazy to get off the couch, small apartment and FAN BOYS...Most of the time they like it but they can't let it show because their a FAN BOY

Pennywise3425d ago

I wont. Trust me on that.

When I game I really want to play comes out and you can only play it by standing up and flailing around my living room, I am going to be pissed!!

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