Sony: PSP Go Priced Right, Games "Shipping" On Street Dates

While Kotaku hasn't got Sony to answer their question yet about how UMD games will or won't be transferable to PSP Go yet, the company has addressed two other big topics: the unit's price and the timing of game releases.

They asked about the price of the October 1-launching PSP Go, which, at $249, will cost is as much as a Wii and more than a PSP or PSP. "It's the same price as when we launched the product, the original PSP," Dille said. "It's targeting an early adopter, a tech enthusiast. We're hearing great things about the product. People are really excited about it. There's not much more to say. " The current PSP, which will continue to be sold once the Go launches, retails for $169.99.

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cervantes993425d ago

I don't really have an issue with the price. Afterall, it is not meant to replace the current PSP - just provide another option.

This is just like a 360 at $299 and the Elite at $399 - just more options for those who want it.

However, I think a PSP GO price of $199 and a PSP 3000 price of $129 would be the sweet spot.

ceedubya93425d ago

Hopefully there will be some nice bundle options with that. Maybe a free movie or PSN game to dowload or something. I really didn't want to trade in my PSP to get the new Go, but I may have to. I really don't want to spend 250 on a portable.

FamilyGuy3425d ago

Maybe like $50 PSN credit with purchase. That's hopeful thinking though...

The 16Gbs makes up for the cost when compared to a new Psp 3000 with a 16Gb pro duo.

My only gripe is that they always ignore SD as a storage option. Is M2 another sony format or what?

SupaPlaya3425d ago

to the IPOD touch, it certainy isn't way too expensive.

But if I am parent wanting to get my kids a handheld gaming device, that would be too steep. Whether it is "priced right", depends on who you talk to.

For a hardcore gamer, that is nothing.
For the general public, a bit too high.
For the casuals, they probably have a DS (or 2) already.

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Black Maverick3425d ago

This is where Sony always gets it wrong: The price. I'm sorry but for all the successes Sony have made, they keep shooting themselves in the foot with their pricing. The PSPGo should've been at most $199. Right now it's the same price of the Wii while you can buy 2 DSLites for the same price. Just makes no sense if you're trying to be competitive in the market.

On the other hand, I understand. Piracy has really screwed them in alot of ways and they need to make a profit.

Silellak3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

No argument here. I seriously don't understand their pricing theories.

Not to mention I refuse to buy a PSP Go! unless there's a way I can play my already-purchased legitimate UMD's on it. I realize OMG IT'S FOR NEWCOMERS NOT FOR THOSE WHO ALREADY HAVE A PSP!!!11 but come on, there should be a way to port my games if I want to have the latest PSP design.

Sarcasm3425d ago

Well I imagine the main thing keeping the PSP Go's price up is the addition of Blue tooth and the 16gb internal memory.

Then again, no matter which way we slice it, $249 is still too much.

I agree with what everyone says, $199 would have been the ideal price. Heck, they might have even gotten away with $229 instead.

The simple fact is that it's the same price as a Wii and $50 more expensive than a 360 arcade.

The only people who will buy the PSP Go at $249 is people who absolutely has to have the latest tech, and has a lot of money to burn.

SuperM3425d ago

No this is a smart move by Sony. Because there will be alot of early adopters that are willing to pay for the PSP go, wether its 199 or 249. This allows sony to make some extra money of the early adopters, and when the sales start to slow down abit they can lower it to 199.

sinncross3425d ago

Shud have got it down to the 200 mark I reckon. but I understand that the redesign has cost some money to achieve.

Pennywise3425d ago

That would make the most sense... $200.

Nikuma3425d ago

They are targeting the tech enthusiast people for the launch tho. They can get away with a high price at launch because there is a demand for new tech even if overpriced. A price cut won't be very far away after it launches. Just look at the Iphone.. that thing is overpriced as hell but people still eat it up.

Spike473425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

they can do what Nintendo is doing. Release cheap gimmick products and just make money, but I guess thats not their thing. Sadly, most consumers don't know the diference between the Nintendo and Sony brand.

qface643425d ago

i disagree mainly just the part where you said consumers
"most consumers don't know the diference between the Nintendo and Sony brand."

that's not really true considering what nintendo has done and become lately
most people now a days recognize the nintendo brand

timmyrulz3425d ago

at £229 i beg to differ

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