Games Demystified: Rolando

Continuing his popular series, Jeremy Alessi presents a unique guide to the iPhone hit's Rolando's unique gameplay mechanics, with example code showcasing touch and physics-related game concepts.

Jeremy Alessi @ Gamasutra: "It's time for another trip through the workings of modern gameplay with Games Demystified. Previously, we covered the gravity of Super Mario Galaxy and the Einstein-Rosen bridges in Portal. This go-round we'll be looking into the tiny-big world of the iPhone's popular platformer Rolando, developed by HandCircus and published by Ngmoco.

Scale is a fascinating subject. It's one of the early fundamental paradoxes we come across as children. In fact, it was one of the early paradoxes contemplated by our society as a whole. From the early conception of atomism by Leucippus to the telescope first invented by Hans Lippershey, we've always wondered how big or small things could get."

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