E3: Sony's Rohde - LBP And Mod Nation Are Just The Beginning

Sony's Jack Tretton introduced user-generated content-based racer Mod Nation Racers with a segue from LittleBigPlanet for a reason -- the company's aiming to build and own a genre, and these two titles are just the beginning of a multi-phase strategy.

"Mod Nation Racers was in development before we even shipped LBP," Sony's Worldwide Studios North America head Scott Rohde told Gamasutra. "It wasn't just, 'hey, we see the success of LBP, let's go scramble and build something else. We knew we had something special on our hands."

Sony believes that games built on user contributions are "absolutely the future of games... it's something that's a long-term strategy for Sony," Rohde says.

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Model3425d ago

at least one company is creative

yoghurt3425d ago

I think this is great, if people can get on board as they have with LBP then it could open a whole new world - just the snippet they presented looked great, and easily accessible. Beautiful graphics and it looked as 'pick up and play' as mario kart

imagine if the racing game gets the same support as LBP....disney racers? MGS racers?......

hatchimatchi3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

mod nation racers is gonna rule, im definitely getting this game.

It just looks like one of those games that anyone can get into.

Thats exactly how LBP is, whenever my buddy has parties at his house theres always at least 4 people playing LBP, drinking beers and just having a good time. I can see the same thing happening with this game.

Daoshai3425d ago

you need cooler friends

But yeah, LBP gets the girls to play, which is always a good thing