E3: Microsoft's Kim: Games Can Update to Use Natal

As part of Project Natal's E3 debut, Microsoft is showcasing a version of Burnout Paradise which uses the new motion-tracking camera. Players hold their hands up as though they were gripping a steering wheel, and make motions as though they were in a car.

In an interview with Shane Kim, Microsoft's corporate VP of strategy and business development in the games group, Gamasutra inquired whether it would be possible for third party publishers to patch their existing games to work with Natal.

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KionicWarlord2223427d ago

Now this is sounding more interesting. hopefully it can work out great for the controls.

Rockox3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

Except I wonder how many people would bother to go back and play those old games (I mean, I would, but that's just me). I would think they would want to pimp the Natal with newer games.

EDIT: Though I guess it's the same thinking as backward compatibility.

-EvoAnubis-3427d ago

This is a new camera for the 360? So the old one that people already bought has to be replaced?

JokesOnYou3427d ago

Sort of like all those millions of early adopters who brought ps3 without the "last" gen rumble controllers. Shiii happens and you choose to upgrade or stick with what you already have.


-EvoAnubis-3427d ago

What the hell did the PS3 have to do with this question? Stop deflecting and defending when nothing is being attacked.

F*ck, I hate fanboys.

Sonyslave33427d ago

Yes the first game they should updated is Naruto rise of ninja OMG imagine doing the hands signs.