E3 '09: Sony Preps For Their Biggest Year Yet

TruegameHeadz writes:
"Sony wasn't going to be left out as they also demo'ed their new motion control, and it looked impressive. The controller, which was only a prototype was a small, black device not that dissimilar in shape to a Wiimote. However, there was one small difference. the device contained a ping pong-size ball resting on top of it. It looked very much like a mo-cap ball, used to track various movements. Some impressive demos were shown showcasing exactly what this techology is capable of. One demo showed various objects such as a golf club, gun, and baseball bat being projected onscreen and each object mimicked the movement of the player hands. Another demo had the user holding two controllers, one controlling a sword, and another controlling a shield. The user then battled skeletons using both controllers. The movement was followed flawlessly, and overall the device looked very solid. However, even a diehard Sony fan like myself was still a bit more impressed by Microsoft's Project Natal. Sony hopes to have thier new motion controller up and running in spring of 2010.

So that's about it, gamers. Other announcments made were a new Gran Turismo for both the PS3 and PSP. The PS3 GT will now feature Nascar and World Rally Championship racing. Of course, the PSP go was announced and you can check that out here. A new Metal Gear for the PSP entitled Peace Walker is in the works and Final Fantasy VII is now available on the Playstation..."

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BadboyCivic3422d ago

FF7,GOW3 and GT
I want them now...

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ME 2:0

By the way, on the HONG KONG store is fight night round 4 demo.

There's even a demo of lair.

I just made an account:)