Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Frame by Frame

Gamervision writes:
"Developers love to sneak things by us, and the best possible way to do so is in trailers. Even in small teasers there can be countless hints towards possible gameplay mechanics, story reveals, and other subtleties. Often, to find them all, you need to go frame by frame, looking everywhere for everything. Its a bit of a pain, so we decided to take that strain off of you. That's the concept behind Frame by Frame."

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FXPatriot_013422d ago

Ok, I rarely comment on N4G, but I had to for this article. This is horrible...just horrible. I only watched until the video got to the beach night scenes because the "analysis" is just stupid if existent at all.

Ok so the author first claims that the game takes place two years after MGS3...really guy? MGS3 takes place in 1964 and MGSPW is in 1974 - seems like 10 years to me. Second, he states that we know the shirtless guy on the beach is Big Boss by the snake looking scar on his chest. I guess I missed the part on MGS3 or MGSPO where Big Boss got that...oh wait, he didn't (obviously it's Big Boss, but that scar is by no means an indication of this). Finally, the author failed to comment on the soldier watching the other soldiers training on the beach - not even a guess. It would seem that any logical analysis of that frame would lead one to believe that that soldier is Frank Jaegar as he left with Big Boss at the end of MGSPO and his skills are far superior to those of the other soldiers (he is the "perfect soldier" after all) which is why he is supervising them and not actually training with them. Ok that's all.