Splinter Cell devs: We're more immersive than Metal Gear

VG247: Splinter Cell: Conviction has no cut scenes. None. Metal Gear has a lot. We put two-and-two together and asked a Splinter Cell: Conviction developer at E3 this week about that particularly glaring difference between the two series.

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Montreafart3475d ago

And splinter cell is inferior to MGS.

Get that in your head bots. You play inferior substitutes of the real thing. And sooner or later, this game will jump out and play beyond on the PS3. Hahaha.

Grown Folks Talk3475d ago

The beginning in the bathroom? Nope, that's how you interrogate . He was controlling every action. The only loading they showed was when he got to the area where the mansion was. When it was panning around the area, that was the "load screen". Showing you routes you can take, & objects you can interact with. I generally try not to get personal with people, but after the stupid @ss sh*t you post on every single 360 related article, it's obvious you are a F'n idiot.

KionicWarlord2223475d ago

Yeah when i saw that i was thinking...this cant be gameplay...but it was.

theKiller3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

and it also shows they cant put MGS away from their minds because they started this franchise to copy MGS franchise in the stealth style!!

copiers will be copiers!! they r not original!! and they will never surpass MGS franchise unless something really goes wrong with kojima team!!


one more thing, SC franchise lacks solid story elements!! its really boring to fight terrorist, all games almost if they r based on real world we have to fight terrorist/anti american countries and they are basically all US rivals in the world!! the usual was russians and now WE poor muslims!!! they keep trying to show all muslim resistance are terrorist!! while our homes get bombed every day and our countries getting invaded and our women get raped every day in american jails!!!

Grown Folks Talk3475d ago

Splinter Cell is more closely based on Syphon Filter. Both games are based in some semblance of reality, not the ridiculous, overly fictitious content of MGS games. I guess MGS is a Castle Wolfenstein clone since it was the 1st stealth game huh?

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3475d ago


MGS Games are AMAZING!!! ;-P

Splinter Cell Games are AVERAGE!!! ;-D

Bit like REAL LIFE i.e -

PS3 is AMAZING!!! ;-P

ChatBox 360 is AVERAGE!!! ;-D

talltony3475d ago

is my all time favorite game and it keeps getting down played by articles like this. The whole metal gear solid 4 experience was absolutely perfect in my eyes.

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sonarus3475d ago

splinter cell conviction video i saw was unimpressive. It just looked like a 3rd person shooter which isn't and shouldn't be the look of a stealth action game

StanLee3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

. . . Conviction's developers should have just kept their mouth's shut to begin with. This is just inciting an argument that has no clear winner because to each his own.

Raptors3475d ago

Can't wait for the game to drop and we'll see. Personally, whether its a sony or MS rep, game developer, or game mag, i dont care about any of their opinions. When I have the game in my hand and I play for myself then I will determine whether its more immersive. Ive heard FAR too many lies this gen...

zoneofenders3475d ago

problem is, will you be better than MGS?

Darkeyes3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

Lol.... they are comparing their game to the most epic legendary tactical espionage series.... Frankly, I was impressed with the Splinter Cell showing, but it's just too damn early to even start comparison of this with MGS4. It could come around and bite them cause if the game doesn't live up to the high hopes, it's gonna be a real embarrassment. Cause parallels with MGS4 will be drawn for sure and for all those who have not played MGS4 here (360 gamers).... We all know that MGS (the espionage series made by KOJIMA I might add) is LEGENDARY.

Ya Sam could create an impact.... an impact like Snake at an emotional level... Unlikely.

Playing with fire is flashy... But be careful... It might burn you.

Nathan1233475d ago

Unnecessary.... Really Unnecessary. Ya your game might turn out to be as good as MGS4, but seriously, don't count your chickens before they hatch. Bring the game out and let the gamers decide what they feel about it.

Looks like today is jab PS3 game day. First Forza devs talk crap about GT5 and now SC talks crap about MGS4... Creating hype by talking crap about the best in it's genre is so Microsoft like... Didn't know the virus was spreading like swine flu amongst it's developers as well.

Game13a13y3475d ago

try harder please. MGS is the grand daddy of all stealth action game. come again when you reached that status.

Rofflecopter3475d ago

I'm a huge splinter cell fan, always have been, and I'll be getting the next one, but still...


Ahmay3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

it puts more dept into the story.....

Hisiru3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

I play Metal Gear and Splinter Cell since the begin. Splinter Cell is always more immersive and technique, but Metal Gear Solid is better without a single doubt.

Tony P3475d ago

I'm glad I fought the urge to respond to just the title. Quote was mangled to become fanboy war fuel.

“Our objective is to keep the player involved in the story at all time. I mean, I love Metal Gear Solid. But we thought this was a more immersive way to do things. Instead of, like, getting to that thing where you put the controller down for the next 45 minutes and wait for it to be over, we’re just gonna keep you in there the whole time.”

Hardly the combative tone suggested by the title.

phosphor1123475d ago

Funny. Are they trying to compare their game to the most critically acclaimed series in gaming?

I love Splinter Cell and all, but them fightin' words.

Shadow Flare3475d ago

I've played a couple of splinter cell games before and i honestly can't remember a single thing about what the story is about. Because it has none. So it doesn't suprise me conviction has no cut scenes. I mean they're comparing their game to metal gear solid which is a game that not many would argue that is has the best and deepest story line ever written for games. It has everything. And like with most of xbox's francise's, it has the poor man's version of the playstation equivalent

badz1493475d ago

I don't know why they should act like total douche! 1st, it was the turn 10 guy, and then greenburg but I didn't expect any of the SC guys to act like this! come on, what the hell!? what are these obsessions about "my game is better than (competitor's game)" things lately? has this became a trend already?

SC series is quite a good one on its own but there is no need to downplay other games for cheap publicity purpose! this also apply to all other games out there! SC started like what...5 years ago? to even try to compare to an over 20 years of legacy of Metal Gear universe is utterly stupid! MG story is not just long but fully in depth and have all these interesting twists that can't be found in any other games thanks to the series running for over 20 years already. Snake and Sam is a cold-blooded agent/spy. Snake stay true for all the series while Sam (after a heavy facial change) in Conviction is clearly after his daughter's killer which screams cliche like a typical movie-like story.

I don't really care about how they want to make it but please STFU and let the game speaks for itself! if it's good, let gamers be the judge! saying such words like this is only making you look like an arrogant prick! I've always seen story where PS3 devs said their games can only be done on PS3 but never I heard they downplay any of their competitors in public! just look at Kojima-san and Kazunori-san, while having huge franchises that already proven, yet they are so humble! props to them an to hell tho the other arrogant devs! have some humble pie because it's good for you

Milky Joe3475d ago

What has happened to this industry? Everything has to be advertised as "Better than something else" rather than "Worth buying on it's own merit". What ever happened to selling people games through gameplay and not PR? What happened to respecting your peers rather than sniping at them at every opportunity?

Time to say what I see now, I might be wrong and please correct me if I am, but this is how I see it.

As soon as MS stepped into the arena, things went down hill. They couldn't stand not being first last gen so this gen they did everything they could to get first to market, get exclusives, hurl crap all over the competition in PR stunt after PR stunt and generally buy and bluff their way to the top. They don't seem to care about profit, just that they come first.

By the way, this is only in reference to the PR wars and sniping that seems to be constantly happening, I'm not talking about consoles, games, nothing like that. All I'm saying is that MS seemed to have dragged the gaming industry into a dark corner and now none of us can remember what day light looks like.

phosphor1123475d ago

Splinter Cell had no character story up until double agent. Before that it was all "theres a bomb Fisher", "GET OUT OF THERE FISHER", "This is you last alarm Fisher!" kind of stuff.

They can't beat MGS which had an OUTSTANDING story since the MG 1

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3475d ago

What the heck is wrong with these MS game developers downing every Sony game they can? First it was the Aaron, then the Forza developer, now him. Let's set something straight.

1.) Forza doesn't have the right to call itself better than GT. Gt5 has better fisx, grafx, and even the psp version has 800 cars where as Forza 3 will only have half that.

2.) No cutscenes equals bad story. Immersion isnt the only thing that makes a game great. Cutscenes tell the story in an awesome cinematic fashion that can't be done in gameplay. So please... make your games and stop bashing everyone elses.

Game13a13y3475d ago

totally agree with you. only sore losers would talk this much crap about their competitions.

sniper-squeak3475d ago

Look at Uncharted 2... bit of QTE/cut-scene and it mixes in with gameplay, it's just a new way/method of gameplay.. games have evolved.

xwabbit3475d ago

yah.. whats next? dantes inferno will be better than god of war 3 ?

PrimordialSoupBase3475d ago

They're comparing apples to oranges; a game to a heavy handed movie.

ChampIDC3475d ago

So obviously 90% of these comments are based on the title alone. Read 1.11 if you're too lazy to read the article.

jammy_703475d ago

this game doesnt score higher than 94 on meta like metal gear 4 did :)

menoyou3475d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, no wait I'm not finished yet.


What's up with Microsoft's developers making such bold claims? Forza 3 the best racing game for this gen? Splinter Cell more immersive than MGS? I think I smell desperation. Instead of actually making ridiculously awesome games they're just telling people what to believe or something? lol.

cherrypie3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

The Splinter Cell: Conviction trailer looked un-real terrific. Fantastic in fact. All the press is raving about it, this is clear.

And, he's right about immersion. Their "project the story into the action" method is *FANTASTIC*. Excellent innovation in story-telling and immersion, better than the mandatory cut-scene install that MGS players had to sit-through.

Halo 3 had some of this, they used the literary device of having Cortana & the Flood "project" story-projection directly to Master Chief in the middle, in small bits, during the action so it could not "come out" of gameplay.

This new Method in Splinter Cell: Conviction looked fantastic and very innovative.

Its a definate 1st Day blockbuster. Expect to see fantastic things from this game from now until release.

"1.12 - Har har har. Funny. Are they trying to compare their game to the most critically acclaimed series in gaming"

Har har har indeed.
From Metacritic:
Halo CE: 9.7/10
Halo 2: 9.5/10
Halo 3: 9.4/10
Average: 9.53/10 For the Halo Series.

MGS1 9.4/10
MGS2 9.6/10
MGS3 9.4/10
MGS4 9.4/10
Average (1-4): 9.45/10 For the MGS Series.

Say what you will about your *PERSONAL* opinion, but claiming "har har MGS is the most critically acclaimed" is False.

Halo is the most critically acclaimed (...excluding nintendo 1st party..)

How about Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell:

Xbox: Splinter Cell: (2002) 93/10
Xbox: Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow (2004) 93
Xbox: Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (2005) 94/10
Average: 9.33/10.

Not as good as MGS, but pretty fracking close. But, its about as close to MGS as MGS is to Halo.

So, as you were saying: HAR HAR HAR.

Milky Joe3475d ago

You've never played Half Life then, Cherrypie? All the story telling was done in game.

Gamertags3475d ago

Amazing! Certainly a game that PS3 owners will be jealous of.

I don't think it is correct to compare it to MGS4 though. I am playing that again for the second time and I am not sure there is any game that can come close to that level of polish!

really duh3475d ago

People were being asked on the show floor what their favorite game of E3 was and splinter cell got more praise than any other game.

staub913475d ago

I also remember the Haze developers were c0cky too... And we all know how that game turned out.

I'm sure this game will be fun, but not Kojima good.

N2NOther3475d ago

No cut scenes equals bad story? Half Life and Half Life 2 have no cuts scenes and they both tell an amazing story. In short, you're incorrect.

Chubear3475d ago

When you get developers trying to latch on to other games to boast their hype then you know there's something fishy going on. I dont think you'll get Kojima san commenting on Splinter Cell when talking about MGS5 or PP talking about Forza when GT5 drops.

Weaker developers need to latch on to other games of higher well known higher quality to boast their games.

V ii T aL3475d ago

Def not smart to call out MGS.

pain777pas3475d ago

Why did they have to go there? You're game LOOKS good. Just leave it at that please. What the hell is with the slights at everyone these days? M$ really wanted MGS until they got it they thought that they needed you and still do this holiday thats about it your a stop gap UBI. A need filler so to speak. Get over it.

phosphor1123475d ago

Are you that dense?

How about we not credit the game that created the stealth genre, that revolutionized story telling and pushed graphics and gameplay to a new level. Take your Halo. That game did nothing except bring a good FPS to console.

Also, I'm not saying Splinter Cell is a bad series, because it isn't. I love those games, but to undermine the gaming series that brought great gameplay, sound tracks, fully recorded dialogue as well as the best video game story of all time, doing that is just stupid. Plain and simple, its STUPID.

orange-skittle3474d ago

The developer is clearly stating that scenes that appear to be cut scenes are interactive roles that you take part in. You're not playing for the next scene as in MGS. You're part of the experience the whole time. Even to the mission objectives being part of the environment. This game has more action than MGS. MGS might be deeper, but this is clearly a better gaming experience. This is what Bourne Conspiracy should've been.

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WildArmed3475d ago

So basically what they are saying is that it is gonna have no story line so they dont need cutscenes..
MGS4 was the most immersive game i've placed this gen.
Dont talk sh!t.. just show me.

I love splinter cell, but dont bite on more than you can chew on

Omega43475d ago

At least we wont have to sit down and watch two feature long (90+ min) cutscenes with Splinter Cell, since playing is always better than watching at least when 'games' are involved

Hellsvacancy3475d ago

4got y i had u on my ignore list

Jamegohanssj53475d ago

Of course, it's DVD-9.

"Where Compression Matters The Most!"


hatchimatchi3475d ago

the cutscenes in mgs4 are incredible and extremely immersive. I never cared much for the mgs series, i just couldn't get into it but i bought mgs4 because of all the praise it received and the game is absolutely incredible. I honetly couldn't put it down and i actually looked forward to the cut scenes because they were so freaking awesome, flawless voice acting, superb graphics and not to mention an incredible story. MGS4 is great.

Anyone notice how 360 developers always have to tout their game as being better than ps3 exclusives. In the past day we've had similar quotes from the forza3 guy and now this.

It obviously shows that ps3 has set the bar this gen for exclusive games.

Game13a13y3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

now the xbox fans are going back to hating MGS mode when they learned that they didn't get any love from Kojima with MGSR.

CaseyRyback_CPO3475d ago

not only would a MGS4 cut scene not run on the 360, it wouldn't fit on the disc.

Game13a13y3475d ago

so true, bubbles to you :)

Syronicus3475d ago

That is why there are lengthy cut scenes. I have to say in disagreement with the developers here, I did not put the controller down and "wait" for the cut scene to get over with, I put the controller down and watched with excitement. I love the MGS story and the scenes were exactly what I needed to fuel my desire for more.

cherrypie3475d ago

@2.5 "no love from Kojima"?

Is that why he stood on the stage and announced MGS: Rising for Xbox 360 the other day? The game he's been teasing and this board was all-in-a-lather about a few days ago?

The Game that butt-hurt SDF is now trying to say wont be any good? MGS and Kojima were the *GREATEST* until he started making Xbox 360 games.

Take Final Fantasy for instance -- the FFS that the butt-hurt SDF thought was so terrific until it was on Xbox 360. Even without Sakaguchi-san, they still said "har har, its only on PS3!". So, for the 12 hours it appeared FFXIV was exclusive it was "at least you dont get FFXIV!"

The inconsistency of the SDF is just hillarious. Kojima is bringing MGS5: Rising to Xbox 360. Deal with it.

Personally, I dont care. I prefer Splinter Cell myself, and Conviction looks *FRACKING EXCELLLENT*.

orange-skittle3474d ago

Those who said that they enjoyed the cutscenes have to be kidding me. Some cutscenes were amazing but most of them were drawn out and boring. When you were introduced to Drebbin it was waaaay too much talking and back story telling. Then the airplane scenes w/ Bunny and Otacon came in to play w/ nothing but drivel. Just way too much talking. How about the 45 minute ending w/ Big Boss....jesus. I actually fell asleep 15 minutes into that. You can only tell so much about a story before people start to get confused or lose interest.

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