Alan Wake: E3 2009 HD gameplay video

Eurogamer Portugal published a gameplay video from Akan Wake.

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Sonyslave33425d ago

this is the 360 version OMG

KionicWarlord2223425d ago

I know >>>

OMG .....

It looks sick...

Lfmesquite3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Something like Silent Hill, but instead it's a writer dude who goes on vacation to some small town and his tales turn into reality.

It looks like it's a great story full of suspense and mystery. It's probably also inspired by some great suspense and horror movies like Misery and The Ring. Should be a great game.

green3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

It really looks amazing and it seems to have a very creepy atmosphere to it.I would like to see some day time gameplay footage of the game.

EDIT: You have to take into account that this game is open world when judging the graphics, that's why everyone praises the look of the game so much.

sonarus3425d ago

This could very well be the greatest survival horror game of this gen. It has all the elements that scream awesome game. I love what they are doing with the lights and i want this game.

As far as graphics go though i can't say with a straight face that this is the best the 360 has to offer. I don't even think it looks better than splinter cell. The visuals aren't anything to get excited about but the gameplay looks ace

FrozenFrag3425d ago

Woah there, dont knock the graphics yet. They've got a year of development time left.

sonarus3425d ago

The graphics are great no doubt but they don't stand out enough to warrant any excitement imo. They have had like 4yrs development time. Most of what we saw was at night. Day time footage may show better graphics

green3425d ago

Pls can you point out which OPEN WORLD game/games on consoles in you opinion look better than Alan Wake?

raztad3425d ago

Game looks decent. I'm much more impressed with LP2 than this one. Smart use of darkness, gameplay-wise it's like Silent Hill. The whole "can kill ghost with a gun" is a bit wth?

Regarding the open-world-ness, I want to see something under the sunlight. Dark environments can be used to hide popins and the technical hurdles a game of this genre needs to solve. Besides that, there is very few happening around.

Game13a13y3425d ago

kind of reminds me of RE 4. love the atmosphere.

3425d ago
Aquanox3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Single handed demolishes all anti-xbox guys' assumptions that the Xbox 360 couldn't compete graphically anymore.

Looks unbelievable.

Model3425d ago

alan wait is well known for his acid trips as shown in the picture

ShabzS3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )


[email protected] below:

yah thank god they're using it ... its been pretty much absent for this whole generation... i couldnt believe my eyes when fear 2 ddint have any ... even bioshock 2 doesnt doesnt seem to have any ... so far this gen valve has really used a lot of dynamic shadows with l4d and orange box

Model3425d ago

yeah dynamic shadows...never to be seen before

Syronicus3425d ago

Nice concept. Glad to see the game is coming along. I will say that much of the game thus far looks good but it makes me wonder what the full game in terms of open world will be like. It's a small town and not a city and a free roaming forest is not all that much to have fun with. Makes me wonder what other settings will be in the game to truly demonstrate the open world aspect. Games like inFAMOUS and GTA4 have intense surroundings that might explain a lower poly count int he characters but with this game being set in the woods and in a small town, there would naturally be no reason for a low poly count in the characters.

sonarus3425d ago

I am yet to see anythin "open world" about alan wake

Syronicus3425d ago

It's been widely known that AW is going to be open world. Just google it.

Jinxstar3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Look the game looks good. If it's true this is the 360 version and not the PC version then thats great. I do agree with sonarus. I have yet to see anything "open world" about it. Please link green or syronicus. It looks about as open world as uncharted was. It's not that I don't believe you I have just yet to see it. I mean silent hill was "open world" in a lot of ways but not in the same way at all as GTA or infamous or Crackdown.

really duh3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Alan Wake looks amazing and its a good sign that 360 games are starting to cause PS3 fans to troll even more on a whole new level. I think this game bothers people because its open world and looks better then Heavy Rain.

menoyou3425d ago

Looks like a great game. I'm really sad that they dumbed down the graphics for 360 though. I was hoping to get a visually amazing game on the PC.

u got owned3425d ago

The game is looking top notch. Seems interesting, must buy for all x360 and PC owners.


Fable 3 would look awsome with this engine :)

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PtRoLLFacE3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

that wasn't true 720p but it looks awesome

interrergator3425d ago

i knew it was gona be good i wish it came out this year though but we have plenty right now :)

3425d ago