PSP Go pre-orders begin (US)

Pre-orders for the new PSP Go system have already begun. Just announced at E3 2009 this week, the new PlayStation Portable is available for pre-order now at $249.99.

Some of the main features of the PSP go include 16GB internal flash memory, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0, 3.8 inch screen (16:9 format), 5.56 oz weight, USB 2.0, Memory Stick Micro (M2), Analog Video Out, built-in speakers and microphone. An AC adaptor, USB cable and CD-ROM with Media Go ver.1.1 is also included.

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resistance1003426d ago

Just as well, as most Pre-orders for it in the UK are stopping.

Gamertags3426d ago

I will pass! There are games for the PS3 and the 360 I rather buy!

eagle213426d ago

it's only $80 more than a DSi with 16 GB's, better line-up, bluetooth, better graphics, better sound, etc. :)

V ii T aL3426d ago

Good!!! I hope it a success. I believe Sony will make it a great platform for new upcoming games.

resistance1003426d ago


Its day 1 for me since pre-ordered before GAME changed the price and they will honor that however when its £90 more than the PSP 3000 here in the UK something isn't right

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Nitrowolf23426d ago

so does this support Duo stick?

Johnny Rotten3426d ago

No it doesn't, it supports MICRO ms which is smaller. The Pro Duo sticks that the current PSP's have will not fit.

protekjv3426d ago

well with 16GB flash memory, it will be enough for me, IMO. In the future maybe purchase the memory stick and just use it for saved games, and 16GB for the actual games, music, and movies. But of course what now with UMD's games and movies i have, hopefully Sony will gives us a solution with that.

divideby03426d ago

to costly and until I hear about file sizes of games and movies...16G is a ??

damnwrx3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

No buy.........4 me
Oh, is there a GPS on that thing or a video cam, camera?
Difinite no buy.....

protekjv3426d ago

My car got broken into and they took my PSP including the 8GB memory, so I might go reserve it.

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The story is too old to be commented.