E3 Interview: Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg

VG247 interviews Aaron Greenberg:

# Aaron's a VG247 fan!
# Whether or not Microsoft won E3
# Why Natal will revolutionize home entertainment
# The question of Metal Gear Solid Rising platform exclusivity
# When we can expect to see Natal
# Natal games well into development
# FFXIV exclusivity
# "Bungie's going to be doing a lot of work in the Halo universe"
# Aaron on Crackdown 2's release date
# The biggest blockbusters are on Xbox 360
# Sony motion-sensing is "very derivative" of "Wii experience"
# "The only experience you need with Natal is life experience"

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KionicWarlord2223422d ago

Nice interview. Cant wait for the fall. I like how aaron green burg didn't talk down the competition . Seems hes more confident then ms about there 09 lineup. Also glad to know the same people are making crackdown 2.

WildArmed3422d ago

This might have been his first decent interview.
I'm glad he sticks to the 360, coz thats why i'm watching his interview.. not to talk about how wii n ps3 are crap in his opinion xD

Mo0eY3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

I have to read it for the lulz.

Edit: Awww, not many lulz in this interview. :\

AssassinHD3422d ago

I have to admit that he made very reasonable responses to those questions.

Parapraxis3419d ago

"What’s clear is that what we’re doing is, in many ways, leapfrogging over any of the experiences [demoed] today."

I loved the game LeapFrog!
Unfortunately, I could never make it all the way across the road =(
I'd always land in front of a car and was all like "Well BAM! There it is."