Peregrine Gaming Glove Fact Sheet

A fact sheet for the Peregrine gaming glove accessory has been published by producer TriplePoint.

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Leord3421d ago

Add motion control to this, and why would you need mouse and keyboard? Better for your back to actually move hands about as well!

iBoReD3421d ago

Hey look it's sonys gaming glove they announced last year.....
wait, wut?

SpoonyRedMage3421d ago

hey look it's Nintendo's Power Glove they had twenty years ago....
wait, wut?

Does look funky though, sounds funky too.

Maticus3421d ago

I SO want one of these!

Leord3421d ago

Well, they are not too expensive...

SCFreelancer3421d ago

Interesting. These toys are usually a bit overrated, but this one does look very nice!

Dorjan3421d ago

Will it work correctly though?

Leord3421d ago

I'm just interested in how accurate a hand can actually press all those thirty key presses.

Just imagine keybinding it to letters though, writing with one hand. Like morse code, but in the millenium :)

Malfurion3421d ago

Just imagine what a whole suit would look like....!

Cogo3421d ago

The thing with this one is that it's not bulky, and it's a good idea.

The fact that it can be WASHED is pretty cool.

Maticus3421d ago

I can just imagine where men would want their triggers...

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Leord3421d ago

That is just so cool. We could probably exchange keyboards with stuff like this.

Another step towards cybernetic gaming! :D

Cogo3421d ago

Wow, this got popular :)

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The story is too old to be commented.