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Gamer Limit writes "Is there demonstrated differences between the Motion Plus and the tried and true? Yes. Does "Red Steel 2? make the implementation of this technology seamless? Not so much."

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stevedawonder3424d ago

You never really detailed if it is better than the last one.

menoyou3424d ago

It's a shame that the sword swinging isn't 1 to 1. It's pre-scripted. Nice that they have the sword handling 1 to 1 but what's the point if you can't attack 1 to 1?

N4g_null3424d ago

That is not what I've heard from people on the floor? If it is true I wonder why they did that? Also I think most people are having problems with the force requirement that put in the code.

Now I wish I would have went to get a feel for my self but can the motion+ do that type of game play yeah sure! Hell it's in Wii sports resort and it does work.

Clance3424d ago

Did the Wii just get sexy?

hatchimatchi3424d ago

Considering that the original Red Steel was rushed to completion and was ultimately an extremely buggy and broken game it looks like they are doing the same with second, rush it out to meet the motion plus launch and not bother to correct it's problems.

I gotta admit though, the art style looks pretty cool.

mastiffchild3424d ago

I think you may be partly right though they've had the add on in the dev kit for an absolute age by all accounts so I wonder what's been rushed and what's being held back myself.

I think it's more likely that the software for Sports Resort is the thing to blame here and they're bundling with(and rushing out) Red Steel2 because of it to make the M+ launch have moe point right away and get the add on into core as well as casual gamers hands.

I felt the first game was a great game struggling uder a welter of probs myself which bever got to show it's little bits of innovation as it could/should have and to have the same thing happen second time round is terrible luck. Though, I guess, as it sold well and this will too(for the add on alone)Ubi prolly couldn't care less and given the awful nature of their ports and other games on Wii it'll be their best whatever! Liking the artstyle though, I must say.

Xander-RKoS3424d ago

Isn't it due out in holiday season? Motion plus comes out, like, next month, so I fail to see how this game is being rushed. I think the guy is just being overly critical of some some rather small details about how the motion plus. At this point, things can be fixed and made better.

ChickeyCantor3424d ago


It seems to have more time than the first one when it comes to development.
But i still need to try it myself though before i agree on any previewer. RS1 was crap, but i still manage to enjoy it.

hatchimatchi3424d ago

ha, ok sorry. Maybe i jumped the gun when i said it was rushed. For the life of me though i honestly can't see how anyone is excited for this game. The first red steel was awful. God the controls were sooooo frustrating. I felt like i was 6 again throwing my genesis controller across the room. I had to turn Red Steel off and return it to blockbuster cause i was so frustrated with it. I honestly hope this game tanks completely cause ubisoft preyed on the naivety of gamers with the first game and ubisoft made big bucks while gamers were stuck with an unfinished game. Red Steel is the reason i will never buy a ubisoft game and will never support them. It sucks though cause it's keeping me from playing "No More Heroes"

Smacktard3424d ago

They started working on Red Steel 2 when motion plus was announced, way back in like mid July or something. So the game is gonna be released a little over a year after they started working on it. They're coming close to the end now, and yet it still has a ton of major flaws. I've lost most interest for this game. If they have the technology to do 1:1, why not do it? Because Ubisoft. That's why.

N4g_null3424d ago

hatchimatchi how is red steel keeping you from playing NMH the controls are really different. If you are talking about the finishing moves then you really need to play the game that is like the easiest thing to do.

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