OXCGN Confirms Forza 3 Aussie Cars Included - Yeah Mate that's Right!

OXCGN wrote:
"Australian cars are featured in Forza 3 this year. Plus there's a high likelihood that it will also feature several Australian race tracks as well. You beauty!
Our Affiliate in LA, OzBoxLive had an interesting interview today with Korey Krauskof Group Program Manager -from Turn 10, asking several important questions related to this great new follow-up of the franchise."

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XboxOZ3604984d ago

Heaps of Aussie are going to be pumped to the max now knowing that their beloved local tin-tops will be gracing the world tracks, and ideally having the world over here on some of our fine motorsport tracks.

The games looks so sweet, much better than I thought it would actually. We'll have some hands on time with it soon to report on as well. I'll be inline to pick min eup on release night, that is For-Sure!!

green4984d ago

Holden HSV's are very cool.They are rebranded as Vauxhall Monaro VXR in the UK but i hope we get the cool 2 seater pickup version in Forza 3.

resistance1004984d ago

No offence, but what good cars are there ever to come out of Australian. I mean i don't think i ever brought one of them on GT4 =/

darkmurder4984d ago

You're right, compared to cars around the world they aren't too flash. But the thrill of the Ford/Holden rivalry that goes on means you just appreciate the cars for the fact to see if they'll beat the other one. Gotta love SS utes though! Hopefully they'll be in Forza, get some rear wheel spinning happening ;)

XboxOZ3604984d ago (Edited 4984d ago )

Are you serious . .The Phase II Ford GTHO, The Phase II Ford GTHO, the Holden GTR XU1, which ruled the tracks under the guidance of both Colin Bond and the legendary Peter Brock ( &

NOt to mention the Chryslyer's Valiant Pacer Hemi 6 which kept many a V8 at bay for several years on the race tracks around Australia and even overseas.

Many opverseas drivers that came here and spotted their backsides in such rides as the GTHO's, The GTR's etc were blown away, and in fact, found it almost impossible to keep up with them on our great tracks, even with their million dollar rolling factories.

The Holden and Ford Specialty vehicles have rules the tarmac here and in the V8 Supercar regions for years, and are some of the brutiest vehicles on the race track.

You need to do some reading up on the V8 Supercars ( mate, you might be quite shocked.

Google will give you plenty to read about (

You can also try sitting your backside in one of these grerat Aussie build V8 powerhouses called The Elfin Streamliner. ( a hold-onto-your-backside ride that just gobsmacking, or the locally made Ford AC Cobra Jet 428 which originally saw life in the UK and made its way here and the US under the Ford banner (

If you've never sat or been driven in one of these, then you haven't lived.

It's like riding in a superpowerre gokart that has no manners at all. In fact, in the last Forza 2, there was one, and it was one of the hardset to handle, outside the Ford GT540 and the earl Ferrari P

Plus there's the Birkin which is part of the UK family of racing cars ( That's to name but a few

Oh, like the brilliant Joss ( which also appeared in PRG3, as did the Elfin M8 Streamliner mentioned above.

Godem4984d ago (Edited 4984d ago )

Dream List:

Holden VE Clubsport R8
Holden VX SS
and one of the classic Monaro's :)

oh and screw fords. lol

darkmurder4984d ago

Holden Traitor! Mind you I'd still love an SS.

XboxOZ3604984d ago (Edited 4984d ago )

We also have a huge number of gaming site climbing up the charts - fast - lately too mate heheh OXCGN is now ranked 124k globally from all websites (check if you need validation) and we have 9 other affiliates als working their way up.

The one thing I do love though, is when there's a Worldwide release, and we get it 18 hours before the guys in Nth America, and they go - "no, you can't, it comes out on xx/xx/xxxx!! . . and yes, they are right, thing is, Australia is closer to the international dateline, and thus we have our day begine well before the US.

We got Halo 2 Halo 3, Forza 2 Gears Of War 1 and 2 and will get Forza 3 before the western countries. But Our New Zealand cousins get it 2 hours before us, bugger.

darkmurder4984d ago

Eh, the amount of stuff we miss out on helps make up for it (also that bloody nonexistant R18 rating, grr). Ps - Who said new zealanders were our cousins? ;)

allegionary4984d ago

aussies used to miss out on a lot of games that never got released there, so its good they get some love now

retrofly4984d ago

Bathurst and Philip Island please :)

XboxOZ3604984d ago

Most bloody certainly mate!!.

In V8 SUpercars 3, I find both Bathurst and Phillip Island two of the most challenging circuits. But the twists and turns of Eastern Creek can prove very challenging as well.

Even if they did get Bathurst all wrong one iteration, when it was correct in V8SC's 2, it was excellent. I think they were looking through a mirror when designing at the one in V8SC's 3 though.

retrofly4984d ago

I bet they put Surfers Paradise in there, even though its one of the worst tracks I can think of. I swear they only put it in games because of the name :)

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