Red Steel 2 demo delivers thirty seconds of thrills

Red Steel 2 hopes to improve on the first game with some some solid graphics and a MotionPlus peripheral that's very much underused. Red Steel 2 starts off with a bang. The character is dragged, hands tied together, behind a motorcycle. After that it's time for some combat. The short scene is exciting, brutal, and fun. It's all downhill from there.

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pwnsause3476d ago

the graphics for the game looks really good this time. hopefully it will be better than the first game, not to mention its should be a very accurate game now that it uses wii motion plus.

qface643475d ago

if you ask me anything they did for red steel 2 no matter how small of a change will make it better than the original
the original wasn't really all that great

but this one is shaping up i have my eyes on it

Torch3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

for Red Steel, I couldn't help but to pick it up this past Christmas, when I spotted Toys 'R selling it for $9. I felt compelled to, because the title and what it then promised, was one of my primary motivating factors for picking up my launch Wii.

Admittedly, the game is still sitting unwrapped (right next to my $17 copy of Lair), although am looking forward to giving it a go when time allows...maybe I'm just afraid to get my bubble of hope burst upon realizing that it really does suck.

But for those of you who've played it: Is the first Red Steel really THAT BAD???

Regardless, the sequel, in addition to Nintendo's new little Wiimote add-on gives some renewed hope for some swingin' sword action.

-chaz-3472d ago

Red Steel 1 was a great idea, but seemed to be rushed so the execution was flawed. I'm curious to see what happens with this one now that Ubi has had time to improve upon the formula.

Ninjamonkey3475d ago


If only they used it properly and made it so you can move the sword completely freely...

But then for me this game would be way too easy XD (do fencing)

JJFNIGHTS803475d ago

I never liked the first Red Steel. Horrifle graphics. Poor gameplay. Action is non responsive to the remotes. I think they make it too quick just to get their sales without correcting the bugs or error in the first game.

N4g_null3475d ago

I true Ars and this may be a problem in the early build. It actualy seems like Ubi is dumbing the game down which would suck... I hope they have two modes of play. This one and a expert mode. Man I love their graphics but they are going to get ate alive if they don't get the sword right. Any thing from strider to shinobo is just waiting to crush ubi if they don't get it right the first time. I hope they pull an HVS and listen to the negative comments.