E3: Yamauchi: We could release GT5 now

According to the article: "I want to release it as fast as I can," Yamauchi told us, "but GT5 for us, when you talk about its status, it's at a point we can release it any time we want, but we can always keep working on it. It's very important for us to make sure everything is done perfectly and everything is done in detail."

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unrealgamer584080d ago

What!!! head explodes from comment

BadboyCivic4080d ago

release the game already...same goes for FF13

Beast_Master4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

It is 3 games in one so when it drops it will destroy all of the competition. The game has NASCAR (goodbye EA), Motorsport (goodbye Forza) Street (Bye Burnout and NFS: Shift).

They should allow the 3rd party publishers to make a little money before they drop the bomb.

Darkeyes4080d ago

This is why I respect the Devs so much. They are willing to treat the game as their babies and not compare with others (cough Forza cough). The devs could have easily taken a jab at Forza devs after the E3 conference when they announced that even a PSP game would have twice the cars Forza will have (the previuos day Forza devs were gloating over 400 cars fact.. man they must be feeling like asses), but these guys are professionals. And people still think that any racing game out there could compete with this...

A release date later this year would be fabulous. If it's released near the Forza release date, God help Forza... 50 million franchise would just steam role over it.

Make way for the real sim... and that too in 1080P 60FPS glory.

Mo0eY4080d ago


I'm sorry but comparing the NFS series and the Burnout series to GT5/Forza is like apples and bananas, man.

Both are still delicious but completely different.


marinelife94080d ago

I say keep polishing it and release it on Forza 3's launch day.

hay4080d ago

@1.2: Don't forget the WRC license. But yeah, comparing it to Burnout or NFS is pointless. Also I think comparing it to Forza is pointless since GT is car racing sim and Forza appears to be speedy and arcade like.

Beast_Master4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

I think they are holding back because they know MS will have Halo: Reach and Gears 3 for Fall 2010. Next year Sony wants to be able to say ok besides GoW 3 which came out in March and Mod Kart racers that came out in April/May. We have Heavy Rain in June/August, GT5 in September, DC Universe in Oct, Resistance 3, Twisted Metal, FF14 in Nov... I hope they have Agent ready by then too, but I have a feeling that will be a 2011 release.

Edit: Forgot FFvs13.

Shadow Flare4080d ago

Sweet mother, if the game is that advanced then does that mean everything in that teaser trailer was in-game? Because that rallying section i swear is just real. It looks so real. Hahahaha to hell with you forza! Definitive racing game of this generation my ass!

ChampIDC4080d ago

Burnout isn't going anywhere. GT isn't competition for it at all. They're completely different racers. The other games you mentioned are definitely straight competition, though.



Don't forget rally, that video of the beaten up Subaru Imprenza had my hopes high.

Although I don't think it's competing with Burnout or NFS (arcadey games), as it's not competing with Motorstorm or Wipeout.

doG_beLIEfs4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

GT5 will be a bundle pack in with the TGS announcement of the PS3 Slim. PS3 Slim will be out this November at $299.

For those of you wondering, that trailer is from a replay which is IN GAME...yes, the game looks that good. Yes damage is coming, in an interview just conducted yesterday Kazunori said he did not want to do damage until it could be done to the level of simulation that the GT franchise is known for.

If I were in Sony's marketing department...that is what I would do. Talk about IMPACT.


Rainstorm814080d ago

So if you can port your cars from GT portable to GT5 that means GT5 will have well over 800 cars!!!!!


sniper-squeak4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

Patience leads to perfection. PS3 already has some amazing games coming out this year and next. GT5 is Sony's Killer game that will shift units and make people's HDTV's bleed.

It's well worth the wait. When it is released, it will drown all other racing games off the market.

menoyou4080d ago

Wow, they're just adding feature after feature huh? This is going to be the most value for your money game EVER. And I bet it can only fit on Blu-ray. Can you imagine having to switch discs for something like a racing game or a fighting game or anything like that which requires one disc?

Syronicus4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

If Sony were to release a new slim PS3 bundled with GT5 @ only 299.99 there would be heads exploding all over the globe. Massive giblets would take over the world!

3 things people would like to see, a slim PS3, GT5 and a price cut. Mix them all together and you have pure napalm.

rockleex4080d ago

Kazunori Yamauchi: "My first and foremost concern right now is not about the game industry but it's more about the automobile industry. I'm very worried about it and I don't think it's a problem that's just limited to the United States. One of the reasons why we made this game now and are releasing it now is that we want teenagers to get into cars. That's something I had in mind when I created the game. Cars are fun and just wonderful to drive, and it's something we have to relay to younger generations and all over the world."

vhero4080d ago

You cant compare this game to Burnout! For starters burnout has the best developers for a game after launch ever lol. Nah but serious there totally differnt games burnouts a lot faster paced and you got your 3 races confused street would be forza etc.. and off road would be your colin macrae rally/wrc etc...

aksmashh4080d ago

When I seen the title all I wanted to do is punch him in his face

Mike134nl4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

Gran turismo is like the mother of all racing games to me, the first 3-d racing game I ever played. Nice too hear there are still developers trying to make a perfect games and not only aiming to make the perfect game no mather what the costs.

Hope that gran turismo will be everything I expect it to be and more, one real racing game to rule them all.

Don't take me wrong forza 3 wil be very, very good but if time is an indication I'm looking out for this one. If looking at selling numbers

I am sure ps3 has a large audience of racing game fans waiting for an good racing game where I feel xbox 360 is the console for shooters it will be bigger and sell better than its younger brother Forza 3

Sarcasm4080d ago

I think it's best PD polishes it til it's a Mirror Shine, and release the game in conjunction with a price drop.

Perhaps that is their plan. A GT5 bundle and a price drop = massive shift of hardware sales.

no-spin4080d ago

is the year of world domination by the PS3-PSP duo

Holy Sh!t i dont have money for all the games i want. Literally!

locos854080d ago

I bet the release date will be revealed when GT portable is released.

bpac1234567894080d ago

He could... but instead... WHAT!!! (walks away to go strangle Yamauchi)

N4Flamers4079d ago

I am a fan of devs that dont release a game till they feel it is right. Cheers to yamauchi

KKanjiAnkh4079d ago

I think BeastMaster meant Tuners as cars, w/the Need 4 Speed comment.

Viper74079d ago

This time GT wont be about Bumper cars driving on sculpture versions of real life racetracks. I want the cars to interact more with the environment. Car damage is a way in the right direction, but I want grass to feel like grass, sand feel like sand, tyrewalls feel like tyrewalls not like some stonewall.

weather should not be just some small graphical effect that might somewhat limit your vision.

I don't care about the amount of cars if the basics are not handled well enough. GT5 prologue was a big disappointment hopefully they have improved A LOT from it.

SaiyanFury4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

I can see there's a lot of different opinions about the racing games that are coming. Forza for the 360 and GT5 for the PS3. Forza is a great series, there's no doubt about that. As well, there's also great other racing games like Burnout, but games like Burnout are arcade racers that have no basis in realistic play. There's also others like DiRT already released that has a great rally racing approach, and DiRT 2 coming to both consoles as well as PC. But Gran Turismo is the great-grandfather of realistic, physics-based racing on consoles. I've been loving the series since GT3 on the PS2. I never played the original PS games, but since GT4 was so good, I cannot help but look forward to the perfectionism that Yamauchi-san is producing in GT5. Sh!t, in native 1080p at 60FPS and with so many other cars in a single race, also including up to and above 800 cars in the game, GT5 is my racer of choice. Some people might disagree with me, but since playing GT5 Prologue, it really inspires me. It really is a work of racing art, that will no doubt leave it's direct competitors in the dust. If they can include the impact damage that a lot of people are begging for, then so much the better.

Uzesgelen_Goo4079d ago

@Viper7 i disagree GT5P wasn't dissapointment i enjoyed so much
@SaiyanFury i agree i played from ps1 days and now GT grown grandfather of other racing games so to other games have long road to reach Gran Turismo's standart (- ^_^ -)

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TheHater4080d ago

December 2009 for Japan.

Jamegohanssj54080d ago

It will release in November - December 2009 aside the PS3 Slim. This is the re-birth, the second coming, the beginning of the end.


housegroove764080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

I completely agree. I'm saying this holiday season worldwide (for the game, not sure on the slim)

raztad4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

Probably they want to release GT:Mobile first to push a lot of PSPs out. Wow, if GT5 get a december release date (together with a Ps3 price cut, slim version) the gaming world will explode.

doG_beLIEfs4080d ago

Here is an interview with GOD himself...notice how he talks about damage? Yes it looks that good and yes it is real.

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Nelson M4080d ago

No need to Rush
You dont want it to look and feel like a 360 game
Perfection is Playstation

Dimitri4080d ago

Thats exactly what PlayStation brand is about.

Thats why SONY didnt rush the PS3 onto the market ;)

Montreafart4080d ago

PS3 has too many games coming out. Them bots are hilarious. We have been playing all year. And youre stuck with Ninja Blade. Hahaha

Tr10wn4080d ago

I don't know dude you were stuck with Haze, Lair, Heavenly sword and more. GT is good but is getting old forza is more real, feel more real, you can customize, real car damage (GT5 is copying that but W/E is Sony what they don't copy), the greater online community in racing games... what GT5 got? Nascar, WRC... is cool but come on use the blue-ray

STONEY44080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

Hey Heavenly Sword was IMO very underrated and one of the best playing and best looking PS3 games. Some of the most realistic facial animations ever. My only complaint is that it was short.

On Topic: I'd prefer they'd release the damn game already, but if they're improving it even more then I'm fine with that. I got still got like 3 games to finish anyways.

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thereapersson4080d ago

But sometimes overworking something can also backfire on you, no matter how much quality input you give it. But, I have faith in Kazunori and crew! They have not let us down yet.

thereapersson4079d ago

What the hell is there to disagree about? You f*cks are thick as hell...

interrergator4080d ago

o man should i wait or do i want it NOW DAMMIT