ZTGD: inFamous Playstation 3 Review

Cat Writes: The first offering on the PS3 from the Sly Cooper developers, inFAMOUS arrives with a bang. Humble and gravelly-voiced bike messenger Cole McGrath makes an explosive delivery killing thousands and transforming the city into an apocalyptic wasteland. A plague follows, people are running out of food and hope, and most law enforcement has given the city over to gangs with some of their own powers and plenty of guns.

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SH3MRON3426d ago

I thought this was gonna be an overhyped GTA clone with lightning but its much much more. It has great graphics on such a big game and great controls.

meepmoopmeep3426d ago

i beat it already and on my 2nd play, it's really awesome fun.

i should have Plat trophy soon.

just need the Hero ones and the Stunts trophy

Lord_Ranos3426d ago

this game is my first game which I unlocked all the trophies. PLATINUM.g☺☺☺☺