Metroid Other M Frame by Frame

Gamervision writes:
"Developers love to sneak things by us, and the best possible way to do so is in trailers. Even in small teasers there can be countless hints towards possible gameplay mechanics, story reveals, and other subtleties. Often, to find them all, you need to go frame by frame, looking everywhere for everything. Its a bit of a pain, so we decided to take that strain off of you. That's the concept behind Frame by Frame."

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Toneman3426d ago

I am really excited about this game, and this frame by frame was really cool and informative. I'm definitely going to look for more of them. I'm also really lookin forward to Galaxy 2, but Other M was definitely the hightlight of Nintendo's E3 announcements.

Ziriux3426d ago

This is actually pretty cool, you explained a lot in the video. If anyone is a HUGE Metroid Prime fan, by all means watch this video, it raises some interesting points.

ChickeyCantor3426d ago

Samus wasn't made though...if its indeed about cloning then i expect the samus you control to be the real samus who lost her parents and who was afterwards taken care by the chozo. Else its just lame.

Can't wait seems to be a refreshing game for the metroid franchise. Hope its good.

And I did miss the last metroid "in captivity" being shot by mother brain in that frame. Super metroid, awesome game.
I guess we are also going to see places or moments of the older games.

na-no-nai3426d ago

its pretty interesting. look to be good tho i missed all 3 metroid prime tho, cant wait to get those this fall year

condorstrike3426d ago

I agree with Sidar, that whole Samus being made story is bogus, now you tell me that the pirates started cloning her trying to replicate her power of being able to use the suit and live, or something in that manner then yes.

but besides that, really nice breakdown of the Tease.

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