Lots of media for Dissidia -Final Fantasy-

Square Enix has launched a new video for its upcoming action spin-off of Final Fantasy. Also, there is 75 new screenshots from the US version.

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Jecht3422d ago

Umm, anyone else notice how the faces of all the male characters look pretty much the same, just with different hair? Trademark SE.

Trebius3422d ago

I notice that too...they seem to use the same character templates when creating their characters...then add a bunch of zippers and chains and stuff...heheh.

mastiffchild3422d ago

Maybe I would if the damn link worked for me. Is the same traier up at GT or anywhere?

iamtehpwn3422d ago

I'm glad they got Steve Burton to be Cloud again.
I like whenever he shouts "SEPHIROTH!".