Photo Sharing Coming to PlayStation Home

Playstation blog writes:
Greetings, Homies. Fasten your seatbelts, because we have the most exciting news to hit PlayStation Home since Open Beta! We know you loyal Home fans have been asking for media sharing since the get-go, and we're very happy to tell you that the first stage is here!

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sinncross3426d ago

Nice addition, been waiting for this for a good while now.
Though I don't like the idea of purchasing it... I mean is it a free purchase like some items or not?

I can understand larger frames and even televisions (which allow sharing of video content) to have a small price tag, but not standard picture frames.

marinelife93426d ago

Can you purchase one picture frame type and use it over and over again?

Chubear3426d ago

and I must admit, it looks pretty damned cool. I have pics of some of my Motorstorm high jumps and some from Linger in shadows and some of my family up and it really does help a lot to bring the space to life.

You can have up to 4 in your regular default apartment but you can place more if you have larger HOME spaces like the lodge or summer houses. You can place up to 12 Pic frames in that free fairy tale apartment space with the tree in the middle too.

NJShadow3426d ago

Sorry, I have to correct ya on that. (From the alternative article on Tawkn.)

* Harbor Studio - 4 Frames Max
* Summer House - 2 Frames Max (Why? I have no idea.)
* Lakeside Cabin - 6 Frames Max
* Chamber Apartment - 12 Frames Max
* Loot StageSet - 0 (!?)

Gamertags3426d ago

heard that before. Same about video sharing. Wait and see!

menoyou3426d ago

Very nice. I can't wait until they bring back voice chat, then I'll actually use Home a lot. Typing stuff sucks big time.

Redempteur3426d ago

picture frames are in . that's good news ..home is still updated and as a proud user of home ..i will enjoy this update fully .

-picture frames
-buzz space
-more Xi.

enough for more to spend several hours in home ( given that xi is becoming harder to slove recently ) while i'm not enjoying killzone ( oh another update too )

i'm happy about home ..nice update

rockleex3426d ago

Plenty of nude women on Home. :P

I just hope all those women I met aren't actually guys. >_<

Ahaha j/k.

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thereapersson3426d ago

You have to PAY to share your photos? What the hell?

Who knows how much they'll charge for music and video sharing (if it even becomes available at all, that is). Maybe they'll just go ahead and charge a monthly fee... :(

Ryangp3426d ago

What a piss take, home has been such a let down.

y0haN3426d ago

Agreed, Sony should stop working on Home and give us the _PS3_ features we care about.

Cajun Chicken3426d ago

The general charge, I like PSN for the fact it has no charges. This completely ruins that idealistic view.

Morituri3426d ago

You can already send pics through the messaging feature. Hope this does not start a avalanche of pervs sending inappropriate materials.

hatchimatchi3426d ago

good news for people who actively participate in home. I hardly use home but i do think it's really cool of sony to create something and it's showing alot of potential. Also, i don't understand why so many people bash home and say that sony blew it. It's free, look at the other consoles, you have mii parades and avatars. The only thing that the 360 has going for it as far as avatars will be the feature to watch movies together with friends. If home ever gets that i guarantee i will be in home alot more often.

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The story is too old to be commented.