Sony 'E3 2009 Booth' video

Take a gander at all the hustle and bustle coming from Sony's E3 2009 booth.

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Gamertags3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Sony delivered on their showing of games and new additions! While it lacked the explosive shock and awe of the MS show, it definitely made us console owners happy.

GOW3 and Drakes 2 look simply amazing!

The motion controller looks freaking awesome (not the actual prototype design but)!

Sony should have focused more on the games and a bit less about the PSP. I know they need to get the system selling and showing some new games for it is probably a good idea. Personally, I am about the PS3 and not the PSP.

I do have to say, the Sony show was less explosive than the MS. Natal has simply amazed and blown away the industry. It is a revolution and not just a copy of the Wii controller. Also, Sony could have given us more time with their AAA titles and should have shown more instead of displaying a clip of a bunch of games mixed together. Also, when the Metal Gear franchise was mentioned that was a game changer for the video game world. MS now has the biggest titles and for any gamer, it is now about which system has the better network and features. The games are on both systems and look and play virtually identical.

It would have been beneficial to Sony to also announce more exclusive games and to demonstrate them. I say this because MS really came out swinging.

All in all, a great show. Better than last year but in my opinion, still lagging behind MS. Just as they did last year.

Gamertags3426d ago

Reread your post and get back to me on that. Whatever!

gokuss1220023426d ago

you are saying things that you (most likely) don't believe, with the specific intent to start a war of words.

so instead of "looking" for a fight. you should have been "looking" at the conferences, possibly saving you from making false statements

gokuss1220023426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

It's obvious that you are looking for a fight (and not at the conferences). Not to take away from Natal; but it is essentially providing the same experience as the (ps2) eyetoy. With that being said the PSeye could easily (through software) accomplish all of the features of Project Fatal... I mean Natal. Please explain to me how you would be able to play any of the (thousand)Halos with Natal.

copy of the wii controller?.... If anything, it is what the wiimote should have been. This has the potential to replace the controller in FULL GAMES, not just a collection of mini's.

If you think about it, MS has screwed you gals (AGAIN!). As opposed to adding functionality to the current camera, you will have to buy a whole new one, rendering the old one (even more) useless.

Announce more exclusives?...(Without flaming) Can someone please post an exclusives list of the big 2. Sony didn't even announce all the exclusives that we already know about. Not to mention the ones that we already know are coming, in addition to the super secret ones.

P.S. During the demo with the boy playing the karate game; he does a kick, then his character mimics. Do they actually expect people to be able to physically pull off the moves in which they want their character to execute. Who the heck is going to be jumping around(skating demo) and doing spin kicks in their living room. In terms of gaming, it can/will only be used for eyetoy-like mini games such as the goalie demo.