God of War III - E3 Trailer (Extended HD)

LusoGamer have the E3 09 version of God of War III trailer. It looks like an extended and optimized version of Epic Scale Trailer revealed in February.

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50CALheadshot3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

kratos kills gods, consoles, and rabid fanboys dreams

menoyou3424d ago

lol. Hell yea, this game looks awesome and I'm not even a God of War fan.

50CALheadshot3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

guess ill just keep checking in between INFAMOUS runs.

Erotic Sheep3425d ago

It rarely happens.. but this is one of those games where BOTH platform owners are excited about.

Yay for Kratos \o/

Game13a13y3425d ago

"Only possible on the PS 3"

luisperfeito3425d ago

Great video and great game :)

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