PSP Go! priced for the UK - £229.99 (not £179.99)

Pocket Gamer takes a sneaky peek at two of the largest video game retailers in the UK, which show that the PSP Go! can be preordered for the sum of £229.99. Earlier today, it was listed as £179.99, which would have made it the same price as the original PSP when it was released back in 2005.

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Menchi3423d ago

If you already pre-ordered at GAME you will pay the lower price point, as they will honour any pre-order made at the original price.

I did, very pleased to see I've saved myself £50.

Hobgoblin3423d ago

Nicely done! I wonder how many others managed to sneak that one through?

I guess GAME took Kaz Hirai literally when he said it'd be the same as the PSP launch price. That'll learn 'em :-)

Good for you though, Menchi!

gamesmaster3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

£230?!?! :*( with a game or two that's the price of a ps3!?!

na2ru13423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

It won't sell very well at that price. i may pre order

anh_duong3423d ago

this is 75 pounds too expensive. 149.99 is the right price in this credit crunch environment. the demand for the psp go will be very limited.

Narutone663423d ago

The Sony conference that the MSRP is 250.00 dollars in NA or 229.00 pounds in UK. The street price could definitely be lower.

resistance1003423d ago

It was stated that it was to be priced the same as the PSP Did at launch, that was £179.99 here in the UK. How people can justify £230 for old tech i will never know.

FYI just using the conversion rate never works, theres alot more to it than that.

Milky3423d ago

Thats so stupid, they said it would be the price of the original PSP grrr. I don't know anyone that would get one for that price.

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resistance1003423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Glad i pre-ordered yesterday =D

Still no-one will pay that much for a GO when you can get a 3000 with a 16GB mem stick for around 175quid

Scotracer3423d ago


That's a ridiculous amount of money. That's more than both the Wii and 360 and just about PS3 price. Mental.

SupaPlaya3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

but looking at IPhone, IPOD touch when it launched, that makes it sound more reasonable, considering it is similar to what the IPOD touch can do (sans the touch screen), + all the PSP games.

But I do agree, it won't sell very well at that price.

Cajun Chicken3423d ago

Expensive, stick with my PSP-1000 thanks. Jeez, isn't that something like £40 less than a PS3 anyway?!?

Hobgoblin3423d ago

The whole thing reminds me of the PS3 launch all over again. Sony wanted silly money for that, too, and thought it could dictate to gamers what they'd buy. Just goes to show how out of touch Sony is with the games industry, and is too arrogant to do anything about it.

heroicjanitor3423d ago

That it was actually worth more than we paid for it, but there is no way that that thing is worth £229, it doesn't even have a umd drive

Cajun Chicken3423d ago

£425 was perfectly acceptable when I got my PS3 in in mid 2007, because of the Blu-Ray, hard drive, built in wireless, backwards compatibility and free online, but the PSP Go! hardly has any more advanced technology than the PSP 1000 to 3000 to justify that price especially compared to the PS3's value.

siyrobbo3423d ago

The PS3 was brand new tech at its time of release, and is expensive to manufacture, which kind of gives them a good reason to charge what they do. this is 4+ year old tech which would cost them a lot less to produce. I understand that sony are going for profitability, but this is disgusting. A complete and utter rip off.

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silvacrest3423d ago

£179.99 was a stretch i was willing to take but £229.99 is just to much

i will have to get a preowned one or wait a few months

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