Forza Dev Turn 10 Downplays GT5 Threat

Microsoft-owned Turn 10's upcoming racing game Forza Motorsport 3 is looking sharp, and the studio knows it. The term "definitive racing game of the current generation" popped up no less than four times during the debut of the game at Microsoft's flashy pre-E3 briefing.

It was more or less a direct go at Sony and Polyphony Digital's long-awaited PlayStation 3 simulation racer Gran Turismo 5, whose release date is still to be determined.

But was it really necessary to repeat again and again with such fervor the opinion that Forza 3 will be the "definitive racing game of the current generation," particularly when the originator of great console racing simulation games has yet to show its full hand?

"Well, we just wanted to be clear," Turn 10 studio manager Alan Hartman told Gamasutra from the E3 show floor. "We came in feeling very, very bullish about what we've got here. We're ready to go at it, to go in the ring and have a fight. I can't help it if the other guy doesn't show up for the fight. So I'm only really going to fight with the guys that come to market."

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-x.Red.x-3425d ago

it looks better then the NFS games

jromao3425d ago

Trying to "compare" Forza to GT5 is ridiculous, but Forza guys like to dream.

arika3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

forza 3 developers should not be afraid of GT5 but of GT psp, because that is their real competition. if they insist on going head to head with GT5, well everybody can dream. lol!

btw: forza 3 is going to be on 2 disc. wtf! are we back to the ps2 era again. that just goes to show that bluray is not needed this gen. lol again.(sarcasm)

vhero3425d ago

Yeah 800 cars in GT5 how many in forza did they say?? I think it was 400?? half the amount.. no wonder GT talking so damn long.. GT takes time to work on every single car and doesn't feel like they just increased resolution on previous titles. GT has 3 race types compared to forzas 1. Okay NASCAR ain't everybody's cup of tea but GT really is the full package.. The graphics are so good they can only be matched not beat. The only thing Forza will ever have over GT is the custom painter which rules but lets be honest it ain't for your average gamer. I don't know anybody personally with the game who can do anything decent. You gotta buy all the best designs online for ludicrous virtual prices. Some ain't even available and you wont ever be able to get because your just not good enough.

Hellsvacancy3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Unfortunately the same goes 4 Halo - that games never gonna go away 4 the same reason

FordGTGuy3425d ago

A PSP game is going to affect the sales of an Xbox 360 game......

morganfell3425d ago


These guys are about to learn a tough lesson.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33425d ago

Forza really never sold that well to begin w/. Go to your local gamestop and check out how many used copies they have behind the counter, your jaw will drop.

El_Colombiano3425d ago


Who gives a flying f*ck about sales. Bottom line:

GT PSP is more of a quality game than Forza 3 will be. End of story.

Syronicus3425d ago

So I can see where a dev might talk smack about their product despite knowing that GT is the most well known and world renown racing game. Heck, I love Forza and look forward to Forza 3 but in the end, my pallet will not yet be fully satisfied until it has been wet with Gran Turismo 5.

The Meerkat3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Forza 3 = 400 cars you'd want to drive.
GT5/PSP = 800 cars. 400 of which you wouldn't want to drive. +25 nsx's and GTRs that are all the bloody same.

Erotic Sheep3425d ago

Wow Meerkat, that pretty sure was the most dumb comment of the day.. maybe the week even.

locos853425d ago

Nice spin.

I guess you prefer that your games lack in content. That way you have room for DLC right.

50CALheadshot3425d ago

so you are saying that the psp does not out sell the 360 in overseas regions?

you know the world consists of 7 continents, right?

The Meerkat3425d ago

Will you be racing the 1.0 Toyota Aygo, Citroen 2CV, a daimler from 1903 etc. No you wont.

I'd rather have more tracks, more music and more game than needless cars that are just there so Polyphony can say mine is bigger than yours.

Erotic Sheep3425d ago

Ah but isn't that YOUR opinion? I can also say the 3 cars you just listed are useless to me. There's a difference between an OPINION and a FACT, you know? -.-

Mo0eY3425d ago

Funny, Meerkat, because with Blu-Ray, more music, more content, more maps, more features are all possible thanks to the PS3's far superior hardware.

Go preorder those 2 DVDs :)

AAACE53425d ago

You gotta give Turn 10 credit! They are using new technology and have created a game visually on par with GT5, and Polyphony Digital have been working to achieve the same result for over 3 years!

I was done buying track racing games, but this dam FM 3 has me considering buying a new one.

I'll admit, GT 5 looks beautiful! But the main thing I can't stand about it is the physics. In real life, you can take the most piece of sh*t car, get it up to a good speed, turn the wheel and pull the e-brake and do a powerslide! For some reason, when I played GT5:Prologue, it just would not do it!

Forza games have always worked great for a controller or a racing wheel, while GT games work best with a wheel.

This may sound fanboyish, but at this point, I will have to say Forza will be the best realistic racer on the market!

The Meerkat3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

This argument raged 2 years ago when GT5 was compared to Forza 2.

Forza 2 pi$$ed all over GT5. Because GT5 didn't even show up to the fight. And now Forza 3 will do it again.


Doctor_Doom3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

I hope they add more AA filters this time so that they can fix the jaggies

Anyway, looking forward for this game

Syronicus3425d ago

IGN - "Graphics: Jaggies, jaggies, and more jaggies. At times, it appears this is LEGO Forza Motorsport 2. The drab colors and weak art design don't help."

If they fix this then you can bet it will be one step closer to GT. Not quite there but getting closer.

Rhythmattic3425d ago

Man o man....

I just hope all you platform specific knobs realise Turn10/ PD having a scrap is a GREAT thing for US GAMERS.

BS Aside.

Its making them both stride for a quality product we choose to enjoy.

As a GT/PS3/G25 owner, I have been impressed by F3 with what i've seen.

And you have porches and Aussie V8's .... Lucky bastards...

Which ever side, Enjoy the Ride.

3sexty rulzzz3425d ago

no competition. what is turn 10 to do if the other guys doesn't show. that game should have been at e3, but it wasn't and SDF is still putting their chips on a game that's been showing and sell demos sense sony step into nex gen platform. this will be the second iteration Forza and yet sony fans are bragging about a demo which sold more than 3 million copies, talking about thirst! Go microsoft.

Syronicus3425d ago

And can safely say I am not ont he Sony Defense Force but will say this, I am part of the fanbase for Gran Turismo. They have never, and I say NEVER let us down and would be willing 100% to bet my next $2500 paycheck on GT5 being mind blowing for those of us that love racing sims with more cars than we can shake a stick at.

Forza 3 will be awesome, don't get me wrong but when Sony can release a Prolog to it's GT5 title and sell nearly 4 million copies, you have to bet there are twice that many folks waiting to get their grubby hands on the full version.

Both games will be great for true racing game enthusiasts.

3425d ago
likedamaster3425d ago

It's the truth! And I agree. Check what this one commenter had to say...

To console sim racing fans though, it's been Forza that has been constantly raising the bar.

Many firsts came from Forza in the realm of sim racers, namely: damage in a sim racer, realistic collision physics (car absorb some energy before you bounce off them; in GT, you bounce off like a rubber ball) on-screen tire traction/tire heat/suspension telemetry, integration of real world car parts (engine, suspension, body kits, exhaust, etc.) and tires, engine swaps, real-time suspension/spoiler/tire tweaking, custom paintjobs, racing line telemetry, tire physics that account for time of day (track temperature), wearing out of the engine, and gameplay features such as friend's and worldwide lap and track leaderboards (that GT5:P still doesn't have, despite many patches), hiring drivers to race for you, and buying vehicles tweaked by other Forza players using currency earned in game (drift pros could create a custom drift car for you), and modes like drag racing (found in FM1, not in FM2, but has returned for FM3).

And this new Forza offers things like tire deformation (only found on PC sim racers thus far) and vehicle rollovers (thus far console sim racing game would prevent the car from rolling over due to car manufacturer's wishes).

There's also the fact that Polyphony themselves have been ignorant of other sim racers and haven't included features which have been pretty standard. Visual skid marks, for example (first console sim racer that got it was SEGA GT for the Dreamcast).

In nearly all manners, Polyphony Digital is playing catch up. The Nascar and WRC licenses were excellent moves, because upon hearing all of FM3's features, I suddenly lost interest in GT5, a game that was behind in nearly all aspects. WRC and Nascar licenses are big draws for any racing fan, and that news made Gran Turismo relevant for me again.

But things that I take for granted changing the tire pressure in my rear tires, are no-where to be found in GT5:P, and we don't even know if the full GT5 game will feature it.

There were 2 areas where FM was behind in comparison to GT, realistic visuals and the c0ckpit view. Interestingly enough, racing experts still put FM2 higher than GT5:P despite those flaws, Sim Racing Tonight for example put Forza 2 well ahead:

My point being, Turn 10 could have said this about Forza 2. We all gave PD the benefit of the doubt because they haven't yet released a complete racing game, and we were all expecting something that would include all the features of FM2. But as time goes buy, it becomes more and more clear that Forza is too far ahead in certain areas (for example, car upgrades and part tweaking found in FM2) that GT5 (proper) will not be able to match it, let alone the features of FM3. Turn 10 has promised and delivered multiple times now. PD has yet to deliver. Not only that, Turn 10 has forced PD to promise more features just to compare (Kaz was initially reluctant to include any sort of damage in GT5).

GT5 should be a solid game, regardless. But it won't be the definitive racing simulation on consoles anymore. Meanwhile, PC sim racing fans are laughing at both camps. Though the console racers are visually incredible in comparison. And features like tire deformations being present in Forza are closing the gap.

eagle213425d ago

Cause GT5 is going to stomp this POS. You know a developer is inferior when they talk like this. Look at Race Pro, that goofy 360 game flopped and they compared it to the KING. I was waiting for turn-0 to say this so I won't feel bad when I trash forza.

Gran Turismo 5 and PSP is miles better than this. It should be a crime to even compare this to Gran Turismo. :)

cherrypie3425d ago

More SDF nonsense. Listen, their is *no doubt* that Forza Motorsport 3 is a serious contender.

No doubt at all. I know that the SDF is going to be barking-over-the-moon about how wonderful GT5 is... but, like Turn 10 says; let's wait and see OURSELVES when it is out.

Let's see what happens.

My bet, and I'll make it now: FM3 Racing Game of the Year, and gets better Metacritic scores, and outsells easily.

Listen SDF: WRITE WHAT I WROTE ABOVE DOWN. Send yourself a personal message. And lets review after 3-months of the last reaches market.

Write it down.

really duh3425d ago

WoW Forza 3 strong showing and quality has really got the haters in a frenzy.

marinelife93425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

GT has more cars. (400 cars won't take the crown)

GT has more tracks.

GT has better graphics. (so much so some people keep accusing that it's cgi)

GT has a better game designer. (Car manufacture's ask him to design real cars)

GT has a stronger cpu to calculate realistic physics. (Cell trumps Xenon)

on the other hand...

Forza has redder brake rotor glow (even on straightaways in the middle of the day)

FamilyGuy3425d ago

They were so confident because they think their game will be out first and thus have no competition. Fool actually admitted it too.
"It's not my fault if the other fighter doesn't show up".

GT5 is gonna knock them on their a$$es

RumbleFish3425d ago

"Will you be racing the 1.0 Toyota Aygo, Citroen 2CV, a daimler from 1903 etc. No you wont."

Yeah, we will! Cause you'll never be fast with a 500+ hp car when you are slow with a 75 hp car.

Do you think Michael Schuhmacher started his career in a F1? You genious!

And this will be exactly the difference between Forza and GT: It's drivers. Hail to the King of driving games, baby! Hail to GT!

pain777pas3425d ago

Some of you are on the ball today. Judging from the PSP game it looks great and that can sufficiently compete with Forza 3 in all honesty so just leave the giant asleep thanks cause you want no part of those perfectionists.

XxZxX3425d ago

how to do they downplay when they are not the best racing franchise of all times. crazy ppl.

RememberThe3573425d ago

Th fact is that GT5 will have more content then Forza 3. Hell, even GT PSP may have more content.

Every time GT releases it sets the new standard for racing. Forza has yet to do that.

Forza 3 will be fun, but it wont be able to touch GT5.

marinelife93425d ago

I forgot to mention GT has 16 cars on a track at once as opposed to only 8.

marinelife93425d ago

Seriously guys look at the Forza 3 gameplay footage. Not the touched up bullshots. It looks just slightly better than Forza 2. You can just compare it to Prologue and Forza loses.

Nikuma3425d ago

Forza 3 vs. GTA5=

As you can see Forza puts up a nice fight, but never stood a chance to begin with.

y0haN3425d ago

I'm looking forward to a bunch of racers this year. FUEL was on my watch list but it's getting nuked in reviews, so pass.

Probably gonna buy them in this order:
GT5->Forza 3->Split/Second.

Zedux3424d ago

microsoft is getting desperate! They know GT5 is way better than their Forza 2.5 game! the car rolling and the driver still holding the steering wheel was comic to say the least! Shift will give MS's a run for it's money and for GT5 they don't have to get into silly discussions with a much light fighter!

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lloyd_wonder3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

This is funny. Kazunori Yamauchi doesn't even acknowledge Forza. Why? Because they focus on making the best racing sim possible instead of making baseless claims.

"IL: Are you concerned about Forza 3 beating GT5 to market?

Yamauchi: I don't really know that much about the other games that are out."

SupaPlaya3425d ago

to worry about others. It's GT, I don't think he has to worry about "other games".

Why o why3425d ago

concentrate on others

the strong concentrate on themselves.

be respectful and people are more likely to return it.

PirateThom3425d ago

Yamauchi has no reason to care about other games. He's a car enthusiast. Gran Turismo is built around cars, not trying to be "the definitive racing game of this generation", but about going out, driving the real cars, coming back and recreating them perfectly. Every single panel recreated, every engine sound, every pull on the wheel.

FordGTGuy3425d ago

But if you try to make everything perfect you will never release..... I am buying GT5 but it will have no affect on whether or not I buy Forza 3. Mainly because different consoles and different year release dates.

I have no idea why they are beating their chest at Polyphony other then Microsoft wanting Turn 10. Turn 10 have already said before that they are huge Gran Turismo fans and weren't out to take on GT but to add to the experience.

s8anicslayer3425d ago

Forza is the definative Xbox racing sim but it is no Gran Turismo, The only problem with GT is there is no damage, but that is all being changed and that feature will be available upon launch. As for Forza I will be buying that on day one because I am a fan of Forza and Turn 10 but in all reality they need to stop the nonsense

AAACE53425d ago

"2.2 - the weak concentrate on others"

Hahahaha... Funny you should say that!

Is that "why" you have so many Ps3 fanboys in a 360 article making negative comments? Remember, you said it, not me!

Why o why3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

are those 'blinkers' your wearing because i can show you many 360 guys in ps3 exclusive articles. Let me help you....It goes both ways....take off the blinkers friend and you'll even notice that there are more ps3 exclusives to comment on atm therefore because of the 'white on rice' mentality of 'f'boys' they rare their heads more/. My comment was aimed at the devs not the fanboys but the same applies to both.

FordGTGuy has stated that T10 have shown respect so ill thank him for that. He then went on to say something about forza being the most advance in terms of physics/AI etc and i was like ¬_¬!....:) GT vs Forza is going to be a never ending argument. Let the professionals decide i say.

Since FordGTGuy prodded gt ill ask him this. Why would the length of a well known track in europe have to be lengthened to accommodate the cars times if the physics were so spot on. Was it the inaccuracies of the track mapping or the inaccuracies of the cars behavior?

likedamaster3425d ago

FM3:Racing Sim>GT5:Driving Sim

dude_uk3425d ago

ha! ha!

funny........ not!


funny you should talk...

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Omega43425d ago

They got nothing to be afraid of, both games are on different platforms so there isnt too much competition

I still want to know how much GT5 will retail for, especially if its meant to come in two versions

Why o why3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

whats the 2nd version ur on about??

@thom ok

PirateThom3425d ago

A rumour there would be a bare bones version with limited cars and tracks you'd buy and then just buy what you want from the PS Store.

Obviously, never any proof, just a rumour.

Mr_Controversy3425d ago

The prologue version was to test their actual game which turned out to be the same lame Gran Turismo 4 game. Gran Turismo 5 (Beta) LOL.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3425d ago

Which they won't. Then they will have to face GT5, but hey, at least they have Forza 4, which will probably come out next-year anyway. Let's see how many cars can they fit by then lol.

What's sad is that they could have done a single game this gen and then support it with DLC as Sony will with GT5, but they won't, as they can't even fit a whole game on a single disc, and they would probably require another disc if they want to add an extra mode. Racing games really need the space, it would be so much easier for them.

Foxgod3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Its easy for them to beat GT.

Gt crashmodels are inferior.
Gt features no awesome car editing.
GT got 20 types of every damn car model, which means they actually got around 200 cars in the game, as opposed to the 400 in Forza 3.
And last, Forza 3 is gonna be out this year.

I am sure you will be driving every damn variation of the same car model, and be enjoying it at the same time.

Man_of_the_year3425d ago

What makes you think that Turn 10 won't have DLC? They had plenty in Forza 2. You would be pretty stupid to think that there will be no DLC for Forza 3. Thats pretty ignorant. Especially in an ERA where DLC is happening all the time for hundreds of games.

lokiroo4203425d ago

Man doesnt needing dlc make it inferior?

AssassinHD3425d ago

Don't worry Moty I am sure that after a few dozen DLC packs or so Forza 3 will have as many cars available as GT PSP.

Man_of_the_year3424d ago

"Man doesnt needing dlc make it inferior?"

This comment makes absolutely no sense at all....i guess KZ2 with its newly released DLC just made that game infirior...or what about the GT5P car downloads...If anything DLC makes a game better because you are adding to the experience. You're an idiot lokiroo420.

@AssassinHD - Can't wait to completely customize my car and paint jobs and check out all the damage in GT for the PSP...oh wait...Well when that game gets that then we'll talk.

AssassinHD3424d ago

See I am in a good position with this argument. I don't actually have to defend the lack of damage in GT PSP because it is a handheld game. You on the other hand have the challenge of defending why a handheld game has more cars available than a current gen console game. A DVD9 is a fair bit larger than a UMD afterall. Granted HD graphics will take up more space, but then we do come back to the "more space is available" argument.

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