The best trailer of E3'09?

With E3'09 drawing to a close, Msxbox-World takes a look at what they think is the best trailer of the entire show this year. There's been a lot to marvel at, but is their choice really the best?

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vhero3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

OMG an xbox site picking 360 game what a shock! Team Icos trailer was probably the most impressive. Also why is this in ps3 section??? god damn fanboys letting this be posted. Posted by 360 users to advertise a 360 game in the PS3 SECTION!

SpoonyRedMage3424d ago

Actually, it's a PC exclusive game they've picked. They just hope it will go to 360...

ShadesMoolah3424d ago

Except the trailer is for a PC game...

Tompkins3424d ago

PS3 fanboys, don't you just love em.

bigjclassic3424d ago

SMG2 trailer
and FFXIII PS3 trailers were just too awesome to speak about.

Flipgeneral3424d ago

Seriously... No need to even think about it

Tompkins3424d ago

The Lords of Shadow trailer is great and well produced (and features some actual gameplay which is always a bonus), but not in the same league as the TOR one IMO, and yes the FFXIII trailer is pretty sweet as well. Bring on the trailers!