Worried about [email protected]? Don't be!

Some people have been running "stress tests" to see how Sony's console can handle the program over extended periods. Those people can stop, because they'll be doing that forever. In any case, the PS3-specific questions were answered by SCEA 's Richard Marks (who's doing a stress test himself).

Is it safe to leave the PS3 folding for 24/7?

Yes. There's no indication that the PS3 has problems over long periods of folding... but of course, you should ventilate the darn thing so it won't overheat.

Well... should people give the PS3 a break to cool off?

No. It shouldn't need a cooling period. You know that whirring thing? It's a fan. It regulates the internal temperature.

What's stressed the most and will it affect the stability of the PS3?

The Cell processor. Luckily, it's a high-performance processor built for things just like this. [email protected] shouldn't have any adverse affects on the PlayStation 3's stability.

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weekapaugh4273d ago

I've run Folding several times and it does heat up the PS3 but I have not had any problems. If this becomes available I would never run it on my 360 since its out of the warranty period. This is out of the league for the Xbox.

Siesser4273d ago

I've folded for days straight without excessive heat or system noise, so I can attest to this first hand; it's perfectly safe to leave the sytsem running as long as you want, provided you give it room to breathe.

sloth4urluv4273d ago

Its not going to cause it to overheat, but I wouldnt want to take the word of a sony exec.

Bonsai12144273d ago

runs louder when i run [email protected] but its just fan noise, so i'm not worried about it

ALIEN4273d ago

How can i get this?

I know it sounds like a bad joke, i just don't know.

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The story is too old to be commented.