Joystiq Impressions: EyePet (PS3)

Joystiq wrote: "It's real, folks. We first learned of EyePet over a year ago, and approached it with both excitement and skepticism. When we had a chance to see EyePet running on PS3 live, we were blown away at how what we originally thought was a concept video had been completely real all along."

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ThatCanadianGuy3425d ago

I find it funny how Sony has been using Motion camera's for gaming Since PS2.They announced this last year.Now, microsoft does something similar and everyone acts like they invented it..

Pennywise3425d ago

The term they coined for MS is "revolutionary" haha

thereapersson3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

And leave it to sensationalist journalism like what EDGE offers to further propagate that misinformed state of mind. Hell, they claimed MS stole the E3 show before Sony even had their damn press conference! I'm not bashing either side; rather, I think that's just flat out ignorant and an obvious ploy for more hits.

UltimateIdiot9113425d ago

Agreed, I fail to see what so revolutionary about the Natal. All I see is another Eye toy like camera with hype. That's all. The features are exactly the same but fanboys say otherwise.

rockleex3425d ago

I think "certain groups of people" have decided not to show up here because they didn't want to face the truth. ^_^

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thereapersson3425d ago

And they should be. This is what the casual market *really* needs; not some half-assed motion-controlled carnival games collection.

I'm praying that this becomes a successful venture for Sony, because it will really work to expand people's notions on what can be accomplished through videogaming as an "entertainment" medium. Sony needs to push this as the next big centerpiece that can bring parents and kids alike, together.

mrv3213425d ago

I could help put laugh at this.

You'll have to draw the pieces necessary to make a working helicopter, and then you'll be able to scan the image with the Eye. The drawing then gets scanned into the world and your pet will attempt to recreate it.

Reminds me of Milo when she somehow accidently left the non scripted piece of apper and pen next to the tv and Milo reconized it.