GamePro: The Best and Worst of E3

Everyone's had their big E3 Keynotes and the gaming world is still picking up the pieces from Microsoft's Natal Project, Nintendo's Wii Motion Plus lineup and Sony's Press Keynote. But the real question is: Who won the overall show? GamePro's sitting down and ranking the E3 Keynotes one by one, giving props to the good hardware and titles that were announced, lamenting the bad moments of each show and seeing what E3 predictions didn't come true.

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Beast_Master3422d ago

Sorry Dude, MS demoed an XBLA title! That is how bad their lineup is this year. And anyone that thinks that Xbox's motion controller will be better than Sony's is dreaming. Like Sony said they learned with Eyetoy that you have to have a physical trigger in your hands to play games gamers want to play.

mintaro3422d ago

From what I saw, MS showed more games, all of which actually shown and not just in montages -as with Sony's- they showed more features for Xbox live, with facebook, twitter,, instantly 1080p digital movies, and not to mention their new motion mechanic Natal.
Though it's still in early development theres no way to tell which controller will be better in the long run.

StanLee3422d ago

I agree; Microsoft had the most impressive showing but I don't know if it was because we expected so little and got a lot or what we saw actually thrilled.

Dread3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

I agree

ms had the most complete and impressive showing.

Sony had better looking games, but i expected all of them. there were no surprises. (Uncharted demo... i am a bit jealous)

However, MS surprised with Nadal, and several exclusive that no one expected.

I am also a halo fan, so i am very happy about two halo announcements. It is awesome that when ODST comes out we will be able to play the Halo Reach beta.

also, they finally got kojima to make games for the 360. Although not exclusive this is great news for 360 owners.

My score would be very similar to game pro. Sony B+, MS A- and Nintendo C-

(this grade does not include the portables because MS does not have any. If i were to inlclude the portables, i would increase Sony's grade, because the games for the psp look awesome. But the PSP go did not convince me)


LightofDarkness3422d ago

Really, it was the professionalism shown in the Natal demonstration that wowed people. It was extremely slick. And there was a live demo of Natal, contrary to popular belief. That girl played Ricochet on it.

gamerdude113422d ago

You can now access twitter, facebook, and on the 360. Welcome to 2007 Microsoft.

aldesko3422d ago

MS showed demos of the Epic XBLA game, Halo: ODST, Alan Wake, Splinter Cell.

Sony showed demos of Uncharted 2, MAG, ModNation Racers, God of War 3.

aksmashh3422d ago

If thats worst how did get a B & its more realistic then that natal thing which gaming experts were saying won't be here for a couple of years.

Why didn't they just make up games we never heard of because even xbox fans would agree that uncharted 2 & god of war by themselves are better anything on show.

The game i would want from the others consoles in left4dead 2, the other games look boring, new halo & new mario both dead unless they both bring out new consoles or put them on the PS3

gambare3422d ago

They grade Microsoft mentioning multiplat titles like CoD:MW2 and MGS:R? they didn't grade Sony mentioning those too... Gamepro FAILS hard

xwabbit3422d ago

@ mintaro, didn't sony have all that at the beginning Lol? more montages ? did u even count the games that had gameplay in them ? did u see the same conference lol

StephanieBBB3422d ago

SONY wowed me 5 1/2 times in thiers.

1# Uncharted 2 footage that blew me away.
2# Final fantasy 14?!?!?!
3# God of war 3 footage that made my jaw drop.
4# GT5 looking that good while featuring multiple driving genres.
5# A motion controller which doesn't suck unlike the wii mote.

1/2 Assassins creed 2 footage, doesn't count in my book because it's a multiplat.

Project "Natal" will probably work to some extent but now how they show it in the trailer. I can't believe some people actually think that it's gonna be like in the trailer shown.

Sitdown3422d ago

"Sorry Dude, MS demoed an XBLA title! That is how bad their lineup is this year. And anyone that thinks that Xbox's motion controller will be better than Sony's is dreaming. Like Sony said they learned with Eyetoy that you have to have a physical trigger in your hands to play games gamers want to play."

Question 1) Is Sony's lineup so bad that they wasted precious time to announce a Hannah Montana bundle? But wait? Is there a rules book saying you can't demo an xbla title? Gasp...and to think....some people really want perfect dark. Should we now discard Wipe Out HD as a real game?

Question 2) Is it a fact that Microsoft can not implement a physical trigger? If not...does it not potentially give Microsoft the edge?...because they can go fully without it, if they wanted to....while at the same time utilize one if need be; unless the eytoy has the same ability, then its even.

menoyou3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

These people are retarded. The Bad: Sony's motion controller. What's bad about a controller that does more than a Wii ever could and is demonstrated live working in front of you? And yet Natal is good even though what they showed live was just EyeToy material and the rest was something that hasn't been created yet? Funny.

Microsoft's conference was very nice, but Sony's was still a bit better.

V ii T aL3421d ago

Im saying all the new motion stuff was the worst! The best would be MW2, The Last Guardian, Uncharted 2, and Conviction.

Beast_Master3421d ago

Question 1) Is Sony's lineup so bad that they wasted precious time to announce a Hannah Montana bundle? But wait? Is there a rules book saying you can't demo an xbla title? Gasp...and to think....some people really want perfect dark. Should we now discard Wipe Out HD as a real game?

A) Yes Sony annouced a Pink PSP for girls, and every press confrence had a part for girls games, Ubisoft's pets and Imagine, Nintendo had a bunch of crap for DS, Microsoft had the entire NADAL thing which is geared exclusively to girls apparently, close your eyes and imagine seeing your buddies playing nadal at home. "I see gay people"
B) I didn't call it a rule, it is the perception that if your lineup is so lame that you have to demo an XBLA title and 3 multi-plats you need more games... bottom line. The fact is Sony had so many games that they couldn't even show trailer's for them, like LBP PSP, A. Creed (PSP), Demon Souls, WKC, they couldn't even show game play for R&C... And they had a 2 hour press event!! That means your loaded!

Question 2) Is it a fact that Microsoft can not implement a physical trigger? If not...does it not potentially give Microsoft the edge?...because they can go fully without it, if they wanted to....while at the same time utilize one if need be; unless the eytoy has the same ability, then its even.

Fact 1. Sony will release first.. Fact 2. Voice commanded games/anything will always be terrible: see (SEAMAN on Dreamcast and sync from Ford). 3. Fact MS has made a commitment to hands free, even had Speilburg endorse it as the future, wouldn't they be lying if they changed their minds. Fact, You are a gay homosexual if you get caught playing Nadal. you could get away with a pointer.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

They aren't going to replace regular controls for hardcore gaming, nor would you want them to. That would just be fn boring. Motion tech is about selling casual games, wake up!

Not being impressed by NATAL or Sonys Motion Tech, I really think this was MS's weakest showing. Only a couple of their games are actually coming out this year, and none of them were GOTY caliber like UNCHARTED 2. Halo ODST, get real, your gonna have to do more than that than impress me. What is that now, like 6 halo games, MS is just cashing in. The Halo universe has nowhere to go anymore.

And what did Sony announce exactly? 1/2 of their games had goty potential. God of War, The Last Gaurdian, Uncharted 2, Agent, FF14, GT5. Their future is obviously brighter. Fat Princess looks like it will beat any game XBL has to offer.

Sony had so much to announce a lot fell through the cracks. White Knight Chronicles, Ratchet and CLank, Demon Souls, David Jaffe's new project, FF Versus, and Quantuum Theory.

Beast_Master3421d ago

Did I read this article right? Tony Hawk Ride was part of the good? If that is not Biased media I don't know what is.

Sitdown3421d ago

Response 1)It is interesting that say "you are a gay homosexual if you get caught playing Nadal"....hopefully you see the irony in telling somebody to sit around, "close your eyes and imagine seeing your buddies playing nadal at home". Then on top of that..from your vision you said "I see gay people" So playing a hands free game is gay, but sitting around dreaming about your buddies is not? Anyhow...I don't think labeling something as gay or homosexual has the same impact as it did a couple of years ago. Some people are just so insecure that they can not let go, and allow themselves to enjoy games that might have them come off as looking silly. If playing Nadal is something that me and my wife can enjoy together...then by all means call me gay.

Response 2) Just because Microsoft made a commitment to hands free, that does not mean other companies can not bring along other devices that can be used with Nadal.

PS Your post made me thing of the episode of Family Guy where Bryan told Stewie that he had to wave his hands and say Yahtzee.

All-33421d ago

Hmmmm... Yet isn't XBL a very important part of the 360 experience, much like the PSN experience --> and like the PSP experience Sony wants you to believe is important to the PS3?

Didn't Sony showcase some --> PSP games at it's E3 press conference?

BOTH companies showed off elements and games that will enhance the total experience their consoles offer up. They can't afford to be as tunnel visioned as you.

--> And anyone that thinks that Xbox's motion controller will be better than Sony's is dreaming. Like Sony said they learned with Eyetoy that you have to have a physical trigger in your hands to play games gamers want to play.

So you can't imagine playing a golfing game like Tiger Woods, and holding an actual golf club to play the game instead of holding the PS3 motion controller or some other cut-down toy-like golfclub controller?

You can't imagine playing a basketball game without a controller, but instead with something like the Nerf Basketball?

You can't imagine playing a boxing game like Fight Night, by using your own body movements and not with a controller?

You can't imagine head tracking used to control the camera function in shooters while still using the standard controllers that shipped with your home console?

Besides... if you have to hold something that offers a physical trigger - there's a 3rd party motion-sensing controller that you still hold like a wiimote and/or PS3 motion-controller, that is coming to the 360 this fall.

HoofHearted3421d ago

...almost all, of which, were multiplats and Halo.

Gee, I'm impressed.

TheDude2dot03421d ago

Apparently announcing multiplatform titles makes you "win" video game conventions. Who even cares who won? Does MS/Sony get a prize out of this?

soxfan20053421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )


The first two games mentioned in the Sony conference were multi-platform games. Not to mention the Assassins's Creed 2 demo at the Sony conference.

Alan Wake, Forza 3, Splinter Cell, Left 4 Dead 2 - yeah, those are all Halo.

Aquanox3421d ago

Unanimous decision in favor of Microsoft among the major media publications.

Excellent MS, they came from behind and nobody saw it coming. I was sure they would have a strong conference but this just blew away all my expectations.

HoofHearted3421d ago

Three of those four are multiplats. Only Forza is 306 exclusive.

CaseyRyback_CPO3421d ago

I take games over a conference any day. Sony had more games.

Motion Control as put by 360 fanatics = a gimmick. Ohhhh wait, until MS shows off a "concept" technology thats going to... "CHANGE GAMING AS WE KNOW IT!" lol. Yeah, it doesn't change the garbage lineup. Doesn't change that there is 0 buzz for the most anticipated title of e3.. Alan Wake.. the stories are FROZEN.

Are you guys really trying to pretend you're hyped for Natal instead of playing any games anytime soon? You bought a 360 to do one thing, play halo and PS3 franchises. As this E3 has proven once again. The only thing that these "grades" on e3 proves, is that M$ is desperate for any win they can get over sony.

If MS announced a Rockstar game, the internet would explode about how its "over" once again. If ms announced FF14, again.. the internet would explode. If MS announces no games, and motion controls that aren't anywhere close to being released anytime soon.. The internet explodes? Are you kidding me?

"LOL I dont buy a console for MOVIES i buy it to play GAMES" - Xbox360 Fanboy.

"LOL @ Wii's gimmicky motion controls, and Crap Axis trying to copy" - Xbox360 fanboy.

The double standards on this site are amazingly hilarious. Sad, but hilarious. You guys think you've "Won" a presentation. I mean.. really....?

Im still shocked that half of you morons are pretending that the 360 is running never before seen Artificial Intelligence, when it cant run mass effect without loading hallways, and now you think the world of gaming is truly going to change with Natal's tech videos.

At this point, there is honest to god no point on debating this. You define brainwashed.

As a gamer, Sony had games for Ps2/PSP and PS3. As well as actual demonstrations and footage running, and release dates, and more unannounced megaton titles. As a gamer, Sony delivered more gaming content than Nintendo or Microsoft ever could. As a Gamer, im more excited about Rockstars real open world game, and the real sequel to Metal Gear directed by Kojima.

As a gamer, I could give 4 s*38ts about motion controls, as I've given this entire generation about them.

I can't see how anyone can call themselves a gamer, look at MS's fluff conference, and see anything that made you go "OH MY GOD I CANT WAIT". A new Epic sidescroller, Halo OSD? Halo4(possibly if you're a halo fan, i can see that! definitely) Crackdown2 & Forza3? Yep. The rest? Including the Movies(remember you dont buy a console to watch movies, you buy it for games).. was all substitutes for not having a gaming lineup.

gaminoz3421d ago

I also totally agree with this article.

Tiberium3421d ago

I concur also. Microsoft stole the show. Sometimes it's good not to show your hand early in the game like sony.

All Time Greatness3421d ago

Everyone knows Microsoft had the best conference.

tehReaper3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

You sit there and rant about how bad Microsoft's showing went, but call everyone else brainwashed? You didn't say one bad thing about Sony's showing, so who is the brainwashed one?

I believe both Sony and MS had a great E3. Both sides had great showings and to sit there and downgrade Natal for no reason proves my point. Did you not see Sony's motion controller? Shouldn't you be complaining about that too? Nope, because you're brainwashed, exactly what you were up there ranting about.

Microsoft didn't show games? Alan Wake, Shadow Complex, Halo: ODST, Halo: Reach, L4D2, Crackdown 2, Forza 3, Splinter Cell, and MGS:R say hi.

Bleem3603421d ago

"Fact 2. Voice commanded games/anything will always be terrible: see (SEAMAN on Dreamcast and sync from Ford)"


Consider Ubisoft's EndWar - has amazing voice control, each and every review mentions this as do fans of the game. OK, it may not be the best of RTS's but it does do voice stuff brilliantly.

You can start eating your words now.

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forumcudude3422d ago

Best: PS3 motion controller
Worst: Natal!

Kill Crow3422d ago

everyone in the world except blind sony droids disagrees with you !!!

likedamaster3422d ago

"everyone in the world except blind sony droids disagrees with you"


Model3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

bu...bu...but natal is TEH GREATEST !!!

saimcheeda3421d ago

hahha, funny u should say that bcoz u got disagrees while forumcudude got more agrees!!

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Nelson M3422d ago

The Worst Goes to the 360
Once again the Xbox had nothing to offer in terms of new IP's or Groundbreaking Exclusive's and once again Resorted to Throwing money around to Steal a Playstation Franchise

Bladestar3422d ago

lol!... yeah? tell me what did Sony announce at this E3 that we didn't know about? I mean.. we all knew Sony was working on another motion remote after the super failure of sixaxes...

Microsoft had a better presentation because it had content we did not know about...

of course you are going to declared Sony the winner... hell.. you declared Sony the winner before the PS3 came out.

This is the 5th website I read that rated Microsoft higher for E3.

I am sure that even if Sony would of miss E3 you would rated higher.

gambare3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

Only true Xbots are excited with pedophile games like Natal.

Are you excited with Natal Bladestar?

Model3422d ago

some of you x-tards really enjoy talking to little boys, now you can draw them your perverted pictures

saimcheeda3421d ago

Clearly won E3 But the worst wasnt M$ it was nintendo unfortunately!!Although the worst console is obviously the sh!tbox!!

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Syronicus3422d ago

Sony only had one negative aspect as shown in this article and gets a B+. Microsoft has several bad aspects of E3 as expressed in this article and gets an A-?

Not sure but this seems a bit bias.

Frulond3422d ago

won with a bunch of multiplatform titles

green3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

8 good pints and 1 bad point

14 good points and 2 bad points.

If you have a difference of opinion fine but pls lets not bring that whole "the site is biased" talk in here.

Syronicus3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

You have proven my point though.

Take a look at the numbers.

MS with 14/2
Sony with 8/1

In the end, Microsoft would have been given an 86% while Sony would have been given an 87% yet they give Sony a grade lower than MS...

Simply put, this is my reason for stating there might be bias here.

Can you counter that with substantial evidence that there is no bias?


Lots of disagree's but no substantial words to back them up. So I take it there is no substantial excuse for this bias shown on the site?

hatchimatchi3422d ago

shadow complex should have been under the BAD list

the game looks fun but can you say "glitch"

how this got completely overlooked it beyond me, i noticed it while watching live. It's actually pretty funny, but the sad thing is, is that if this happened to sony or nintendo N4G would be flooded with articles exploiting the glitch.

Also, i realize shadow complex isn't finished but it obviously needs some extensive QA before it gets released.

mintaro3422d ago

You can't base everything on percentages. Besides the fact that Facebook and Twitter are used as negatives are subjective. I'll bet there are many people who would like to use those features on their 360.
And while the ps3 motion controller is also subjective, it was probably given more of a negative because they basically said "mii too" as their design of a motion controller is basically a wiimote with a camera.

AssassinHD3422d ago

"and all the other PSP titles" were grouped into one point. How many good points would Sony have if those titles were each given their own point?

green3422d ago

Just because there was a small glitch does not takeaway how awesome Shadow complex is going to be.

"It’s clearly a beautiful game that shows the deft artistic hands and powerful graphics programming of your typical Epic game, but the gameplay has an easy-to-play feel to it that exudes promise of some really interesting and more complex gameplay"

"Shadow Complex is such a gorgeous and massive game that it's easy to forget that it's coming to the Live Arcade"

"Fans of exploration will be pleased to know that the game will feature 120 hidden collectible items in the 10-hour-plus single-player campaign mode." Thats even more than some full priced games.

Now watch this video preview and tell me that SHadow Complex is not impressive.

hatchimatchi3422d ago

I said the game looks fun and i also acknowledged that i realize it's not finished yet. All i was doing was pointing out how it should have been on the BAD list, because demoing a game at e3 with a visibly potential game crashing glitch is definitely a BAD thing.

callahan093422d ago

The point is they curiously neglect to mention a lot of Sony's announcements. They mention every single solitary game that Microsoft showed as a "good." They don't even mention ModNation Racers, Agent, Final Fantasy XIV, MAG, and others.

phosphor1123422d ago

And that doesn't make sense. I understand the MGS:Rising for them, since no one thought it would be for 360 as well, but Rock Band Beatles and Tony Hawk Ride? Come on! Those are goin to PS3 as well.

Sitdown3422d ago

I will do my best to help you understand, you can take whatever works best for you.

1.)Have you ever seen the final ign scores for a game, and then in parenthesis is says "not an average" or have you heard the expression, "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts".

2.)Ratios. Have you ever taken a test where different sections had different values. Perhaps the negative points from Microsoft did not weigh has heavy as the negative for Sony. Just as the positives for Microsoft might have weighed more than those for Sony. Perhaps Microsoft's portfolio was more diversified, and Gamepro feels it yielded better results.

See can bring school into the real world. With that said..I could be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off, and perhaps they are just bias.

FamilyGuy3422d ago

The inconsistencies in this article are ridiculous and that can not be denied. It's fine to prefer one over the other but to use examples of "why" in such a bad way makes even a subjective view look faulty.

Bad journalism, period and point blank.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

It funny, I always thought E3 was about the games. We knew going into this that MS didn't have a strong lineup, so its no surprise that they made it about features. If I want to facebook like a 16 year old girl, or twitter, I get on my PC.

Lets look at the titles. Sony showed like 1/2 a dozen game of the year contenders. God of War 3, Heavy Rain Uncharted 2, Agent, The Last Gaurdian, GT5, and FF14. On top of that they have Quantum Theory, Ratchet and Clank, White Knight Chronicles, and MAG.

MS can't compeat w/ those titles. Their strongest game is ODST, which was pretty standard and disappointing. It just looked like a typical Halo Campaign to me, but w/ a 60$ price tag. Alan Wake was also underwhelming, the gameplay mechanics weren't as great as we were lead to believe. It looks like Silent Hill w/ a flashlight. Forza 3's biggest feature was a movie editor!? I laughed my ass off. That epic XBL title looked boring, Fat Princess will mop the floor w/ it. Splinter Cell conviction looks way too easy, like the way you can mark like 4 targets and pop out and kill everyone automatically.

Can't wait til TGS, when we get to spy FFVersus and David Jaffe's new project.

All-33421d ago

It was certainly an embarrassing moment - notice how the game was quickly paused, and back to the title screen? LOL... however, the game hasn't released yet, and it may not be completely finished.

Most games demoing at E3 --> aren't ready to be released anyhow. E3 is a showcase for --> upcoming game releases and future console features...


--> Alan Wake was also underwhelming, the gameplay mechanics weren't as great as we were lead to believe.

But the gameplay in Heavy Rain which consisted of QT-like sequences is more impressive? Hmmmmm...

soxfan20053421d ago


Typical - every Sony exclusive is a Game of the Year contender while you nitpick every 360 exclusive.

You mention all the PS3 titles by name only with no commentary about any individual game's strengths or weaknesses. Yet your 360 paragraph is 3 times as long as you somehow manage to find fault with every game.

Sarcasm3421d ago

Off the top of my head of the conferences, minus obvious console multiplatform titles

MS Good points:
- Forza 3
- Splinter Cell
- Alan Wake
- Halo ODST
- Halo Reach
- Natal
- Left4Dead 2
- Crackdown 2
- Instant 1080p
- MGS: Rising

Bad points:
- Beatles show up and nobody cares lol
- Shadow Complex with queefy B.'s friend mic not working
- Twitter
- Facebook *yawn*

- Uncharted 2
- God of War III
- Gran Turismo 5
- Gran Turismo PSP
- MGS Peace Walker
- The Last Guardian
- PSP Go
- Modnation Racers
- Agent announcement

Bad Points:
- Motion Controller presentation wasn't ready
- Rushed GoWIII demo
- Kaz Hirai constantly messing up the presentation stuttering
- PSP Go's pricing

Overall I think both had a good presentation. Like I said before, 360 fans will say Microsoft won, and Sony fans will say Sony won. But at the end of the day, multiconsole owners won.

Rob0g0rilla3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

The presentation at E3 is what made it look absolutely horrible. After watching the trailer, it's coming down to the price with me. I like where they're going with it. I might consider it if it's no more then 1200 MS points.

After looking at both lists, they are missing quite a few games from the Sony side. They forgot MAG, Modnation racers (which looks amazing), GT5, FFXIV, Agent, and even the Lost Planet 2 announcement. If they added those games, it would of put them at 14. They showed gameplay or how it'll look at least from 4 of those games and demo'd 2. And you can't forget that they just shoved two huge PSP games and new hardware as one announcement. Soul Calibur, resident evil, and fat princess(smaller game). Everyone has been begging for a Resident Evil PSP game and it's finally coming. I agree with everything else.

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MajesticBeast3422d ago

seriously tony hawk and beatles rockband was the good and only twitter and facebook were bad well its the media at work again.