EA Rewrites Ten Commandments

Using information from research conducted in its game, The Sims 3, EA has rewritten the ten commandments and will present the two newly-carved limestone tablets to the Houses of Parliament this week.

According to EA, over one quarter of British children can not remember even one of the ultimate moral standards, the ten commandments, and only six percent of people in the UK can recite all ten from memory.

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Dorjan3423d ago

You shall not be a terrorist?


Leord3423d ago

Absolutely unbelievable. Why would you even have that? If you don't kill/hurt others, you CAN'T be a terrorist!

Malfurion3423d ago

Yeah that is kind of a double hitter. Maybe they just needed a filler :P

Dorjan3423d ago

I just think it's people not thinking for themselves and just putting what they think they should put rather than what is actually a good rule.

If that makes any sense...

hay3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

If you will live according to number 7 there's no need of other 9.
But since we're at gaming site I would add to it "their opinion and what console they possess"

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Leord3423d ago

Sounds good. About time we got an update to the 2-3000 year old ones. No one can remember them anyway!

moondragon3423d ago

8. Do not commit acts of terrorism

hehe way to go EA, glad you told us that

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The story is too old to be commented.