Infinity Ward: Modern Warfare pushes Xbox 360 to its "upper limits"

VG247: Speaking with VG247 at E3 this week, Infinity Ward's Mark Rubin said that Modern Warfare 2 leaves the Xbox 360 winded and gasping for breath. At this point, he noted, it's all about finding little tricks to squeeze more power out of the aging machine.

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Party Boy3425d ago

Killzone 2 would explode in the 360. lawl

Party Boy3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

The 360 was a pos out the gate and will always be a pos. Did you see Uncharted 2 and GOW III?? Best looking games at e3.

DeforMAKulizer3425d ago

Replying to yourself?

Anyways... I dont believe this hyping/marketing crap... I just want to enjoy the game!

Montreafart3425d ago

And the 360 is already maxed out lol.

Ill still buy MW2 on PS3. Great action and gameplay!

Nemesis543425d ago

Yet Killzone 2 is the worst hyped game Sony has ever produced, it inevitably was one of the biggest failures and will cause the Playstation & Sony to go into bankruptcy.

na2ru13425d ago

How is a game acheiving 9/10 average a fail please explain.

likedamaster3425d ago

Games like Killzone & Uncharted could never reach a COD4/MW2 level. There's no better coders in the game than Infinity Ward. You get Killzone/Uncharted up to 60fps especially on the ps3 and it will be unplayable because of how ugly those games will look. Nice try fanboys, MW2 day 1.

Montreafart3425d ago

Infinity ward had one big hit: MODERN WARFARE 1.

Thats it. You idiots talk like as if IW is god.

Come back when they break the 100 million, idiot.

Also, Modern warfare is a multi platform game. And while gameplay is addictive, technically their games do not shine.

And how is Sony going bankrupt, xbot shiat? You idiots been saying that since 2006. Dont you idiots ever learn. PS3 has only GROWN in size and power. IT IS UNSTOPPABLE.

One of the reasons why Blu Ray is the superior format is because it enjoyed all the support from the major studios. PS3 ENJOYS ALL THE SUPPORT FROM EVERY MAJOR STUDIO OUT THERE AND MOST IMPORTANTLY:


The triple A games will keep flowing in while MS has to beg and try to steal games from 3rd party which are bound to go multi platform ANYWAY. ROFL FAILURE OF A CONSOLE = 360

Shane: "hey aron, we're kinda running out of games here."

Aron: "hmmm, what should we steal. Asked Infinity ward yet?"
Shane: "yeah man, those fking leeches wanted 50 million for exclusivity"
Aron: "damn man, what is within our budget. What can we buy from them?"
Shane: "They are willing to sell us 9 days of timed exclusivity for 2 DLCs mappacks"
Aron: "what! THATS IT? FK..!! ... OK, do it!"

Hahaha it reeks of desperation, xbot scum. Pure desperation.

Montrealien3425d ago

Montreafart and his many account`s stupidity have no boundaries and this post proves it. He is a hack, not a gamer, and is always talking out of his ass. He is always so mad because his mom wont let him get a ps3 , at least she lets him use her Dell laptop to talk on the interwebs so he can feel important.

Nemesis543425d ago

Hey, have you heard of something called the multi-platform best graphics in any game Crysis 2 coming with CryEngine 3? Which is way better than your little helghast choke on diarrhea little piece of poop?

Joe29113425d ago

way to go make yourself look like a fanboy, your just as bad as them saying "killzone 2 would blow up a 360". If you love your systems so much, go f***ing play them, rather than coming here to trash talk the other system because your self conscious of your choice in which console to back. /rant over/

On topic, umm.. well if thats what infinity ward say, i guess its true, but i think they mean as in terms of as good as their current engine will handle on the 360, im sure both copies of the game will be identical at the end of the day.

air13425d ago

i have to take advantage of this cause i know how you sony fanatics hate to talk about numbers, but since you brought it up....

why dont you come back when/if the ps3 passes the 360 in sales and if that happens wait longer until if/when the ps3 gets a hit that sells 10 million copies of a game on 1 console in this gen..

modern warfare didnt shine? wtf? was you under a rock when it came out? didnt see the reviews? szure buddy lets go back to the birth of the ps add up all the numbers and just say, ha! you see even though it came out this gen it didnt sell 100 million like game x has when you go back to the ps1 days. lol, what a clown..

yes sony will announce game after game after game after all they should i mean they have more studios than micro and ninty combined right!? problem is we never know when we will play them cause sony never puts a release date on the games. ask your self this, did sony release any dates for any game at e3? do you know what exclusive you will play this holiday besides uc2? and if you are going to put up that huge sony exclusive list be sure to put dates on them too..

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Spike473425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

I don't know, I'm not a developer, but according to IW the xbox360 seems to be almost maxed out, as for the PS3, I've never heard of such a claim by any developer. So draw your own conclusions.

Oh and I guess this is a perfect example that just because a game has pretty graphics, doesn't mean it makes the xbox360 "not" maxed out. I'm not an expert on this but I'm sure there is more to it than nice graphics.

KionicWarlord2223425d ago

Alan wake looks amazing...hard to say xbox 360 is maxed out yet. Could it just mean at the time the engine couldn't do no more?

LONEWOLF2313425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Yeah the peeps over at Crytek have, they said that the PS3 will be maxed out with Crysis 2. BUT its extremely doubtful!

Syronicus3425d ago

But rather, they should say that their code is not efficient or lean. As years go by, developers find new ways to lean out or make their code more efficient and a better use of memory and disc space. Granted, there are limitations but some of the best looking games come out years after the release of the console. Today IW will say that they have maxed out the console with their current code but next year they will say the same thing and yet have better looking graphics.

ShabzS3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

becoz the graphics of the game is completely different than other games ... with the ammount of heavy textures they use and all of it being streamed at 60 frames per second i can kinda believe this... i guess its making the 360 to flex its muscles a bit which is always good

IdleLeeSiuLung3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

These guys at VG247 is trying to stir up stuff by misleading people. They only quoted the following while adding their own narration or should I say wild interpretation:

“We always push to the upper limits,” he [Mark Rubin of IW] said. “It’s just a matter of working around them at this point.

His statement is more we pushed it as hard as we can now and just finding tricks to optimize further. From the video I saw, both Lost Planet 2 and the already released Gears of War 2 graphically look better.

Perjoss3425d ago

@ Syronicus

you pretty much said what i was going to, so bubbles for making sense.
the best looking games usually come out at the end of a consoles lifespan just before the biggest devs make the jump to the next generation.

by the way, I find it very arogant of Crytek to say they will max out the ps3 even though this is the first game they are making for the console and it was also clear that Crysis was a main offender when it comes to optimization.

Saint Sony3425d ago

With proper coding results are different. Not saying Infinity Ward does not have good coders, but saying that someone is maxing out 360 does not really tell how? If their code sucks of course they can max it out already with some 4 color version Tetris. Same with PS3.

I'm pretty sure that there's still going to be real surprises coming what devs really can get out of PS3 and 360.

There were many times talks how some devs maxed out PS3 with Killzone 2 for example and even Lair.. total crap talk. E3 showed so many good looking games for both consoles that these maxing out comments are bullcrap.

StanLee3425d ago

" . . . as for the PS3, I've never heard of such a claim by any developer. So draw your own conclusions."

Crytek's CEO just said in a recent interview that Crysis 2 has maxed out the PS3 when the game will run the same on both consoles so make of his comments what you will. I do like the subtle fanboyism though. Nice.

SuperM3425d ago

As far as i know IW is just saying it as it is. They are maxing it in terms of performance but they are always working on different tricks to make the code more efficient. Ofcourse Modern Warfare 3 is going to look even better, but i dont think we will see any Quantom leaps like we saw With Uncharted 1 to Uncharted 2.

PrimordialSoupBase3425d ago

*They've maxed out their engine.

7thNightvolley3425d ago

this max this out this max that out... i am tired of all this bs.. and then 1 year down the line a game comes out that slaps the game was was said to max out a console. i don't think ps3 or 360 is maxed out yet.. i believe developers can make the console flex their muscles but to maxed it totally out is crappy talk. well i would say maybe in terms of disc space.. thats about it.

Simon_Brezhnev3425d ago

i mean it might not be graphic better then 360 games but think about it what i saw in that trailer was a lot going on not just 1 or 4 enemies like gears so they could mean physics, a.i., and more enemies on screen.

Kaneda3425d ago

maybe they meant max out on the DVD format, but not graphics..

Mo0eY3425d ago

You ignorant people talking about coding and graphic optimization have no clue what you are talking about.

Graphics have nothing to do with coding. Graphic workarounds can further increase the graphics of a game. Compressed code can give more space so graphics can be further enhanced, but coding has nothing to do with graphical prowess (they are more for up, down, left, right, buttons, etc).

SCThor3425d ago

If Crysis looks the same on Xbox360 and PS3, than only means that Crytek don't know how to code on PS3, as simple as that.

jcgamer3425d ago

This is something both PS3 and 360 owners have to deal hype...Next year, Call Of Booty: Modern Retail Whorefare (lol) will be released to the masses and trust me, we'll hear the same thing guys...come on...maybe their game engine has reached its upper, outer and Extra-Terrestrial limits (lol), but go take a look at Alan friggin' Wake and tell me that it doesn't take a dump on Modern Borefare 2! Technically AND visually! Like Flavor Flav said..Don't Believe The HYPE!

lol :)

3sexty rulzzz3425d ago

don't know if Alan Wake is possible on Ps3. Ps3 can't ever be max out according to SDF; PS3 is growing old as we speak and its only 2 years old

Tito Jackson3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Inifinity Ward's current engine may be maxed out. Crytek sure doesn't seem to have a problem with exceeding the "limits". IW needs to revamp the engine their using or build a new one(which would take MUCH longer). But all the same, MW2 looks great--- But if they cant do better, dont blame the 360'd Hardware.

@mooey: OMG. Please stop. You have no idea how stupid you sound.

@SCTHOR: yeah dude, that must be it. but according to mooey, that has nothing to do with it. TO BE COMPLETELY honest, youre both wrong--but you were much MUCH closer to being right than Moobey.

@bishop(below): DING DING DING! We have a winner. Kinda.


I said it yesterday for PS3 with Crysys and I'll say it again today for 360 with MW2. NO MULTIPLAT GAME WILL MAX OUT ANYTHING, at least while devs keep using PC code gimped 'till both consoles can play it.

Bnet3433425d ago

I doubt it, Alan Wake looked 100x better. I don't know, I'm going to wait and see, but for me graphics in COD games don't phase me at all, it's more of a gameplay thing.

Grandreaper99993425d ago

Alan Wake did look amazing. Kinda gave me flashbacks of the first Silent Hill (very much a good thing).

Ashriel3425d ago

kojima and crytek have both said they have maxed out the ps3 but they are sh*tty devs who don't understand the unlimited power of the greatest machine ever created


deeznuts3425d ago

Isn't it funny that all of a sudden Infinity Ward are mediocre inefficient coders?

menoyou3425d ago

The Alan Wake footage looks amazing to the eye just like Killzone 2 looks better than Crysis to the eye. They're using a lot of tricks (such as darkness and enemies without true forms), but hardware wise it can't get much better. If you know what to look out for, you would see Alan Wake isn't technically amazing at all and that they probably dumbed it down to make it work on the 360 which is a shame for the PC version. The graphics aren't what's great about Alan Wake at all, it's the gameplay.

cmrbe3425d ago

as it means that IW is push the x360 to its limit. The limit could always be pushed further with more optimisation in the future.

However, COD MW2 is an open world game so the limit they might be talking about is space.

Arnon3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )
(in-game on 360. No rendering, as stated by Remedy.)


Everything about this looks better in terms of graphical achievements. And no, Alan Wake was not dumbed down because of the 360. Alan Wake on Xbox 360 will run at 720p native, while the PC version will run at 1080p.

There's no time for any fanboy crap. PS3 fans AND 360 fans know that this is false. And have seen graphical achievements on both consoles.

aksmashh3425d ago

It probably is maxed out, im sure same thing was said about Gears 2.
Also it sounds good for 360 users that pushing it to limits.
They wouldn't say it about the PS3 because that wouldn't make sense because each 1st party game looks bigger & better

FamilyGuy3425d ago

Is a different genre. MW has many on screen players at once and thats one of the 360s biggest weak points, if not THE biggest. Im not a tech head but i calls em like i sees em. On screen action plus many characters interacting seem tough or undone for some reason on the 360.

Sarcasm3425d ago

I honestly don't see the big deal in Alan Wake.

Flame me all you want.


The best looking part of the whole game was honestly the scenery. But the actual gameplay portions wasn't revolutionary.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

ahhhh, that's a bunch of bull sh!t, Infinity Ward said that same sh!t with cod4. splinter cell DA and conviction, ff13, alan wake, mass effect2 all look better, they just want to rise the momentum and the expectations of this new cod game.

donnie-21053425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

crytec have recently stated that the cryengine2 was maxing out the PLAYSTATION3 but in the interveiw he mentions nothing of the 360 so presuming it could cope more.i believe the devs of the best looking game in history than the makers of the nice but dated cod2 and 4

7ero H3LL3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

if crysis does better than it's the cod engine that's maxed out.

y0haN3425d ago

I hope it isn't 600p like CoD4 and WaW but I think it will be. I doubt that it maxes out the PS3 and Xbox 360, but perhaps the PS3 to an extent.

Reno173425d ago

That was the best comment I've heard all week.

barom3424d ago

It's weird how people always go "but <insert title> looks better". People forget sometimes that COD4 runs at 60fps and I'll be stunned if Modern Warfare 2 didn't do the same. There are plenty of sacrifices for that smooth 60fps and I'm sure a bunch of other stuff they're doing as well.

Same thing with Red Faction Guerilla (at one point they said they maxed out 360). It might not graphically look that good but when pretty much EVERYTHING is destructible, you should start to realize how much of power is needed for that stuff. A look at Gears and you'll see exactly what I mean. It graphically looks good (scratch that it looks great) but whenever you see those swarms of locust and you shoot them, they disappear as if they were a fart, it's just *poof* and they're gone. Likewise, their desctructible enviroments is VERY limited. Similarly Halo 3 does not look that great but when you get features like 4-player splitscreen, some sacrifices is needed to make that happen. Ninja Gaiden 2 as well, 60fps but below HD resolutions.

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SpoonyRedMage3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Wha? Modern Warfare looks good but Splinter Cell looks so much better.

Perhaps the technology isn't Infinity Wards strength?

EDIT: A disagree? Did you watch the Conviction gameplay footage? It looks so much better than MW 2.

Cartesian3D3425d ago

I saw SC:C gameplay in HD many times.. it looks good , but not even as good as Gears 2 .. (not even close to uncharted 2)

btw I agree with you foxgod for the first time. Im tierd of this word "LIMIT" .. Crytek,IW.. all developers can say they can push X to its limit, but they are just hyping their product.

there is no actual limit, may be CPU and GPU run at 100% frequency and all the 512 MB ram is full but it doesnt mean you used the whole power. its about how you write the code to make a best picture you can.

btw dont compare games like Alan Wake with CoD:MW2 , in MW2 there is alot going on in the screen. both look amazing btw

SpoonyRedMage3425d ago

Really? I thought Splinter Cell: Conviction looked fantastic. Especially in the more cinematic bits that are still in game.

It's always tough to compare graphics really. Alan Wake does look brilliant and apparently it's open world!

Trebius3425d ago

I saw the trailer for the first time last night...I was expecting to be blown away by the graphics...but to me it just looks like Punisher level graphics. It wasnt anything special...doesnt hold a candle to Uncharted 2 or even Alan Wake the hell up.

PS360PCROCKS3425d ago

I agree cartesian. I'm excited to play Splinter Cell but I was watching the video and I was like, "these graphics aren't that good" which is weird because when they first showed it, it looked better, than they changed everything.

KingME3425d ago

Funny thing is everytime a new high graphic game comes out, people start chanting that the 360 is being pushed to it's max. The games are looking increasingly better yet, the 360 limits/upper limits seems to continue to rise with them.

I wonder when will we ever reach this so-called 360 limits that everyone keeps talking about. Wasn't the first modern warfare suppose to do that? Hmmm, sounds like my BS to me.

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Foxgod3425d ago

For modern warfare 3 they will claim that the 360 will be pushed to its outer limits instead of upper limits.

To boldly go where no game went in the 360 before.

SupaPlaya3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

good one. Bubble.

To Infinity and BEYOND! :P Pun intended.

EDIT: Fox how did you get so many disagrees lol... Your comment was funny! Come on people try a bit fun sometimes. Taking this pseudo "war" way too seriously!

ChampIDC3425d ago

Wow, so many disagrees for you? People obviously don't like jokes. Bubs up.

commodore643425d ago

yeah bubbles fox.

I hate to see people disagreed with and/or debubbled just because some of the socially challenged borderline autistic fanboys on here can't let go of a grudge every now and then...

Anon19743425d ago

Some users around here are just way too sensitive when it comes to that console wars nonsense. Obviously Fox's comment was harmless.

Foxgod3425d ago

Thank you very much guys, bubbles for all of you.

somekindofmike3425d ago

lol, I've disagreed with some things fox has said on other threads, but what you've said here is probably very true!

Infinity Ward will probably push the 360 even further with their next Cod game!

Tito Jackson3425d ago

While Foxgod's was good, your's was better. Thanks for making my morning. :)

Kleptic3425d ago

its marketing though...

the 360 will NOT be maxed out by a 600p game...the thing with CoD is that IW insists on it running at 60fps, which is a tall order for both consoles in this genre...its much easier in racing games and other genre's that have different view cones and can 'hide' details better...but in an fps, its very hard to get 60fps and have it still look good with the amount of ram in the 360/PS3...

Alan Wake looks to be the game that is going to show more of what the 360 can really do...which is good for everyone...its a shame it took so long for MS to figure out that UE3 is no longer special...

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Omega43425d ago

And next year COD6 will do the same and the year after that COD:MW3 will do the same as well.

Hyping graphics and tech doesnt make people like the game anymore than they already do, its the gameplay that draws people to it

King-Nax3425d ago

This article and the crytek article maxing out the PS3 are ESSENTIALY the SAME.

But you used two very different answers that contradict each other.

Omega43425d ago

Difference is the PS3 is 'supposed' to be far superior to the 360 so if a game that is maxing out the PS3 will look the same as the 360, kinda kills the idea of which one is more powerful.

This is talking about the 360 being maxed while the other was about the PS3 being maxed which is quite a big difference.

raztad3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Omega you are making excuses. Crytek is nobody in console development, not a single game from them and even their flagship title on PC was hardly efficiently coded, so they have a lot to prove before to make boldy claims about x system being maxed out . On the other hand IW were GODS for you till today.

Why o why3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

anyway this supposedly stronger consoles games like mgs4 drakes, gt5p and killzone have yet to be matched. You may prefer some of the 360s exclusives graphics but the truth is the ps3 has shown more power in less time and is harder/more complicated to dev for therefore its more powerful. MS should proves these guys wrong though. It may be IW themselves who have hit the wall or maybe its down to the engine who knows. You must be pissed to hear this omega

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