Gamer Limit hands-on: Dragon Age: Origins

Gamer Limit writes: "As lead designer Mike Blaylock ushered Gamer Limit into a dark and scary hole in a far off corner of the show floor, we were greeted by a very impressive trailer that showcased the sheer gruesomeness and violence that DA:O will offer. Massive armies preparing for full-scale war stretched across vast landscapes and as they converged, blood began splattering combatants in a way that can simply be described as realistic. This blood did not just disappear after the fighting ended; the character sported blood from his enemies across his face and body, keeping true to the mature themes of the game that Bioware has advertised from the its announcement back in 2004."

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Fullish3428d ago

Looks pretty damn sweet, but def. no WoW killer.

syvergy3428d ago

The graphics look a bit rough but its pretty cool.

Clance3428d ago

Gamer Limit are bloody lucky to be playing all these games!