Console Monster: Hannah Montana: The Movie Review

Console Monster writes: "Some of you may know Miley Cyrus for her Musical Career, some of you may know Miley Cyrus for her split personality role in Hannah Montana a country girl by day and a rock star by night, however, you know you're about to see a different side to Miley Cyrus as she sings and awkwardly dances her way on to our Xbox 360 in Hannah Montana: The Movie.

Hannah Montana: The Movie let's you take control of your favourite character(s) Miley Stewart the country girl next door by day and by night the ambitious and good-looking, Hannah Montana who performs to thousands of screaming fans with songs such as the 'Hoedown Throwdown' and 'The Best of Both Worlds' It's just a shame that performing at massive concerts isn't as fun as it should have been, the controls seem clunky and unresponsive and the set pieces where you have to press certain buttons at particular times have no logic to them and often leave you frustrated. With that being said, the songs are catchy, enjoyable and often have you singing along. (Not me though... honest)..."

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