Fox News: Nintendo's 'Wow' Becomes 'What?'

Fox News: "Wii Fit Plus is a good addition to the Wii line-up, but it's hard to follow Microsoft's game-changing "Project Natal" announcement from Monday, not to mention an appearance by the remaining two Beatles who announced their new "Beatles: Rock Band" game.

I was hoping for a big "wow" from Nintendo - after all, it pioneered this motion-control gaming experience with the "Wiimote."

Instead of a "wow," I received a "what?"

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rawrockkillz3475d ago

I don't think Nintendo was using that as their "WOW". That is more geared to the people that are more into the Wii for Wii Fit and such. I thought Metroid: Other M was a WOW because it was unexpected and it looked freaking awesome.

phosphor1123475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

but how is two Mario games and a "Metroid" game a "WOW"?

First of all, while Galaxy was fun, I wouldn't throw them 40 bucks for the game, with different levels. Not to mention playing New Super Mario Brothers Wii would be a disaster with my friends. We are all d!cks when it comes to games like that (ones that include teamwork lol) and we wouldn't help each other spawn. I just know it.

Anyway, about not wanting Galaxy 2, I say this because this is the first time a major mario game has not been different from a previous one. Even from SMB 1, 2 and 3, those were not only gameplay advancements but technical ones as well. This one, until they show more, is still the same thing as the older one, just new levels and possible 1 or 2 new waggles.

Also, the new Metroid looks cool..but..that's NOT Metroid. I was discussing this with my long time Nintendo friend..he said the name doesn't make the game, its the gameplay, and taking out that adventure and exploration of Metroid for a Ninja Gaiden type gameplay simply isn't right.

If you compare their E3 conferance to Sony's and MS's they did so much better than 3 games. Yes they are all Nintendo, but have we all really become suckers to franchise names? MGS kept its glory by becoming more and more epic, new IPs are made, but what about Nintendo, what have they done besides milk the cash cow?

SaiyanFury3475d ago

I'd have to agree. Metroid for me, died back on the SNES. Metroid was all about the cool weapons, suit mods, and exploration. No doubt the FPS iterations of the game have that, but I always enjoyed it more in side-scroller fashion. Sure there's the GBA games, and they're coolness, but the mainstay games in the Prime series never hit home with me.

phosphor1123475d ago

They still had that exploration and adventure. This new one doesn't.

MetalGearBear 3475d ago

then *cough*

Toneman3475d ago

Not trying to be a fanboy in any way, and some might disagree and that's fine, but I thought Natal is the lamest of all 3 motion controls. The technology may be impressive, not denying anything like that, but Wii Motion Plus and the new PS3 motion controls are pretty much 1-to-1... and I could see myself enjoying those 2 much more than using my whole body as a controller. I'm sure it can be really great for certain games, but I'd rather hold something in my hand that has at least a few buttons.

Dread3475d ago

I understand ur concern. But i think that Nadal has lots of potential, and it seems that it could be used in ways we still cannot fully grasp. I am going to wait and see before passing judgment.

In any case, i am a controler fan, so i really dont care about either of them.


rawrockkillz3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

Ya Natal looked kinda cool in the demo but I don't think it will fly with any of the big games. The PS3 motion controls look pretty good with the addition of the eye toy like at the press conference. I just laughed at the Milo demonstration...rather play games instead of talk to and make friends with them. But I am pretty stoked for the Motion +, Red Steel 2 is looking good, with a new, more mature Zelda on the way.

CobraKai3475d ago

I need a controller and buttons to press regardless of how well my body is being tracked.

LightofDarkness3475d ago

Who's to say that you can't use a normal 360 controller while using Natal for button presses? They never once said that wasn't possible...


I would agree it is more advance but it is essentially a upgraded eye toy. Also, it will not work for us hardcore gamers it cant even play 45 percent of the games on the 360 (fps) because of the lack of a controller i mean at least a button as Sony stated with there Motion controller ....Also personally till they price both of there motion control projects lets call them both project Vapor

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heroicjanitor3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

I just actually don't understand the difference between natal and the playstation eye, could someone explain it to me?

It just seems more advanced than the playstation eye but I can't actually see the difference and people are saying it is revolutionary and never done before, I want to get on the hype wagon!

Edit: I think I get it now, this can be used inside any game? Like if I was playing dragon ball I could punch and kick my way to victory without a first person view? That is amazing!

Toneman3475d ago

The machine itself has 2 eyes instead of just the one, so it will register depth. It also has a microphone (presumably) just like the PS Eye, but this one will use voice recognition. So essentially, the difference is 2 eyes instead of just the one, the rest is all programming. It will have face recognition, and it is supposed to be able to calculate where your whole body is in 3d space.

IdleLeeSiuLung3475d ago

I also want to add that I think MS maps a skeleton to your body so it can track your legs and arm movement. The Playstation Eye could only see 2D and it would be very difficult to make it understand 3D i.e. the added dimension of depth. That is why it is revolutionary. On the other hand it still has a lot of glitches that needs to be worked out, similar to how the Wii motion controls works out of the gate.

Senden3475d ago

Interesting really.. I'd say the writer of this article is what i'd define as a family gamer or casual if you will.. seems microsoft succeeded in tempting some of the nintendy crowd.

It's funny how they talk about wii fit though lol.. Natal will blow that out of the window.

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