IncGamers: Borderlands Preview

IncGamers' Andy Alderson has taken a closer look at Gearbox-developed sci-fi, role-playing-shooter Borderlands and found the game's randomly-generated content, appealing art style and emphasis on loot to be a tasty combination.

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Leord3425d ago

Randomly generated content can be a dangerous thing in a game. Done wrongly, it's terrible.

If used good, it can be an enormous asset, to lessen aspects that might get boring or repetitive otherwise. Just the same thing badly generated randomness can create!

Dorjan3425d ago

I always like the games who's day and night switches "feel" nice and natural.

Maticus3425d ago

Well worth a look IMO.

GamerMan3425d ago

This game finally made some progress I saw the preview from the last E3 and was wondering if it was still being worked on. I'm definitely interested in this game and hope it lives up to expectations.