Sony Is Teen No.1 Brand

Sony has been named the No.1 consumer technology brand by teenagers throughout the world.

Over 100,000 teens from over 30 countries took part in the Global Habbo Youth Survey Brand Update 2009, which showed the PlayStation manufacturer outranked it competitors in the video game market.

When it comes to video game brands, Sony emerged triumphant in the worldwide survey, with Nintendo in second and Microsoft in third. However in the UK only survey, Nintendo took the No.1 position, with Wii shown to be the console of choice for girls and Microsoft's Xbox 360 favoured by boys.

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xryls3422d ago

why am I not surprise

arika3422d ago

sony is the favorite brand of teens and adult confirmed!


arika, where does it say adults ?

when you think about it, it actually makes sense. It explains a lot around here.

SupaPlaya3422d ago

this is a Brand vote, not a console vote.

It explains a lot about the jealous haters here too, obviously.

arika3422d ago

here check this site out maybe it would it would jog your mind a bit
and its also from your favorite site edge. lol.

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Party Boy3422d ago

Apparantly not. 360 fanbabies actually thought Halo sold anywhere else but NA. lawl

Montreafart3422d ago

For over 15 years, the Playstation brand equals gaming. Its games are divers and varied. Playstation has something for everyone.

It is a true gaming and multi media device in one. Its engineering is second to none ensuring low percentages of defects unlike its competitors.

It is ever evolving and owns the best franchises in the world. In the development community, it enjoys tremendous popularity due to Sony's vision to ever evolve and come up with new innovative ways to play games.

It is marvelled by 3rd party studios and enjoys full support from the biggest and most known 3rd party studios. The only ones who do not support the Playstation also happen to be shady studios owned by motherfkers like Valve.

In short, Playstation is where its at. Its games reigns supremes on all fronts.

From racing to fighting, from casual games to role playing games, Playstation has it all.

Where else to enjoy these fine gems?

Yakuza 3
Demons Soul
White Knight Chronicles
Valkyria Chronicles (+DLC)

Just a few of the must have genre defining games. Sucks to be the people who cannot experience true games. Sucks to be xbots.